Puerto Vallarta’s Kuare River Bridge opens

In Puerto Vallarta, more than 120 million pesos have been invested in various infrastructure works, including Governor of Jalis Enrique Alfa Loramires, Governor of Jalisco Enrique Alfa Loramires, and Governor of Jalisco Enrique Alfa Loramires. Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfa Loramires, was explained by Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfa Loramires. We will do a work tour in a tourist spot.

“We started this task with a lot of complex problems, because we didn’t have a single federal peso during difficult times, problems with our suppliers, or natural emergencies. There was a budget problem, it was just national resources, “he said.

This all meant reschedule the budget, so this work, which cost 60 million pesos, has already been provided and he pointed out without hesitation that it would be a source of pride in Puerto Vallarta. bottom.

He remembered that the bridge had succumbed to the destruction of nature in the hurricane that struck the state, but as soon as the emergency was over, reconstruction began and all appropriate safety measures remained in place.

“Not only to rebuild this bridge, but to make it better than before, to be able to clarify the commercial activities of the area by doing it for pedestrian traffic” There was no way to make it safe. Everyone was at risk because only cars could pass.

This will allow you to walk calmly without worrying about car traffic, so that you can reinforce bridges, turn rivers, reinforce municipal markets, etc. before it starts to rain. Will be.

The work tour also includes the start of various infrastructure work, as well as other work being offered or progressed.

Among them, the project will be coordinated, such as rebuilding the road to Miss Maroya, where 18 million pesos will be invested, and restoring the gutters.

Another task he participated in was the reconstruction of Rivera Street, which was damaged by the hurricane “Nora” and invested 30 million pesos.

Supervision of the López Mateos school and reconstruction of the 20 dea Noviembre school, which was allocated 20 million pesos. Puerto Vallarta’s Kuare River Bridge opens

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