Putin bans transactions and exports with retaliatory sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to his decree, banned transactions with sanctioned persons on the upcoming list and banned exports to those persons. signature Tuesday.

The move is “unfriendly and inconsistent with the actions of international law by the United States and its participating foreign states and organizations aimed at illegally robbing and limiting the property rights of Russia and its citizens. Corresponds to.

Putin’s framework decree, which came into force on Tuesday, bans the export of goods and raw materials to “unfriendly” people and groups.

He ordered the government to draft a list of approved figures within 10 days as part of the so-called “special economic measures”.

Putin’s order has instructed the Treasury to provide an official statement on the enforcement of Russia’s counter-sanctions.

Previous Putin Banned Exports of Russian goods until December 31, 2022, in response to the US oil and gas embargo in March.

Russia suffered unprecedented western sanctions and business withdrawals in response to the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. Putin bans transactions and exports with retaliatory sanctions

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