Putin denounces ‘bias’ and ‘stagnation’ in Western-dominated world

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday accused the West of trying to impose a unipolar world order. It prevents nations from “choosing their own path” and risks plunging humanity into a state of “stagnation,” “prejudice,” and “neoliberal totalitarianism.”

“More and more states and countries choose [to pursue] Their own free and sovereign path of development…These processes are opposed by the Western globalist elite [that] Create chaos, create conflict between the old and the new,” Putin Said In his inaugural address at the 10th Annual Moscow International Security Conference on Tuesday.

Putin said that the Western elites are working tirelessly to “maintain the hegemony and power that is slipping out of their hands” and that countries are under the control of a “neo-colonial order” that serves their interests. claimed to maintain

“Their hegemony means stagnation for the whole world, for all civilizations. [it means] Prejudice and Cancellation Culture, [it means] Neoliberal totalitarianism,” Putin said.

Putin has repeatedly accused the West of trying to “cancel” Russia, and Ukraine invaded in February after months of demanding NATO’s withdrawal from the pro-Western country.

He also justified the invasion with unsubstantiated claims that Kyiv had been taken over by the Nazis and that Russian-speaking people in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine were being subjected to “genocide.”

In comments on Tuesday, Putin accused the West of “needing conflict to maintain hegemony.”

“That’s why they prepared their destiny to be cannon fodder for the Ukrainian people, carried out the ‘anti-Russian’ project, turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology and the genocide of the Donbass population,” he said. said.

The Russian president said Washington’s alleged interference in Ukraine has led Russia to “conduct a special military operation … in full compliance with the United Nations Charter.”

“The goal of this operation is clearly and precisely defined: to ensure the security of Russia and its citizens, and to protect the population of Donbass from genocide,” Putin said.

Putin added that the United States is “trying to prolong” the war in Ukraine, adding that it also aims to further “chaos” by provoking conflict between China and Taiwan.

“The US Taiwan issue is not just an irresponsible trip of politicians, but part of a deliberate and conscious US strategy to destabilize the region and the world.” Beijing. Putin denounces ‘bias’ and ‘stagnation’ in Western-dominated world

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