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“Putin distanced Macron to drown out Covid’s demands.”

French President Emmanuel Macron stays away from Russian leaders as he rejects Kremlin’s request to be tested for Russian coronavirus (Covid-19) when he arrives to meet President Vladimir Putin this week. Two sources, Macron’s aides, told Reuters.
Observers were impressed with the images of Macron and Putin sitting at both ends of a 4m (13ft) long table to discuss the Ukrainian crisis on Monday.
However, two sources familiar with the French President’s health protocol either allowed Macron to accept a PCR test conducted by Russian authorities and approach Putin, or refused to make a stricter social distance. I had to protect it.
“We knew well that there was no handshake and meant a long table, but we couldn’t accept them getting the president’s DNA,” he said.
A Kremlin spokesman did not immediately respond to a message from Reuters asking for comment.
A second source of Macron’s aides confirmed that Macron refused to undergo the Russian PCR test.
According to sources, Macron instead underwent a PCR test in France before departure and an antigen test by his own doctor in Russia.
“Russians have told us that Putin needs to be kept in a strict health bubble,” a second source said.
Three days after Macron and Putin held a socially distant meeting yesterday, Russian leaders welcomed Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev.
The two leaders shook hands and sat close to each other, separated only by a small coffee table. – Reuters

Last updated: February 11, 2022 0:15 am

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709648/Putin-kept-Macron-at-a-distance-for-snubbing-Covid “Putin distanced Macron to drown out Covid’s demands.”

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