Putin Raises GRU with Ukrainian Information Gathering – Report

President Vladimir Putin promoted a military intelligence agency known as GRU in Ukraine after a series of mistakes, setting aside Russia’s main espionage agency over Russian security analysts. Said As the United States evaluated Putin as “behind schedule” in the invasion of Ukraine.

According to security experts Andrei Soldatov and Irina Bologan, GRU’s first deputy secretary, Vladimir Alexeiev, was from 61-year-old Soviet Ukraine and was responsible for Ukrainian intelligence. Alexeev was reportedly responsible for coordinating military operations in the Donbus region of Syria and eastern Ukraine after being appointed as the first Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the GRU in 2011.

“Alexeev is a tough and confident general,” Bologan and Soldatov said, adding that he was a special forces recruit who saw military action.

Special forces are “tough and loyal officers, not shy about their methods, but never sophisticated spies,” Bologan and Soldatov said.

Lieutenant Alexeiev’s name Appeared Last week’s report included a television channel on the pro-Kremlin Tsargrad and other senior officers, including General Alexander Dvornikov, who was reportedly appointed to lead Russia’s next stage of war to occupy Donbus. board.

The new appointment last month was the head of the Fifth Service, a unit primarily responsible for the expulsion of about 150 officers from GRU’s rival FSB, and for providing information on the political situation in Ukraine and fostering support for the Kremlin. Following a brief arrest of. there.

Borogan and Soldatov reported that Sergei Beseda, head of FSB’s fifth service, has recently returned to work. However, they showed that Alexander’s appointment showed Putin’s distrust of the FSB in the Ukrainian campaign.

“”[Alexeyev’s] Russia’s position in the hierarchy of security services is higher than that of the FSB’s intelligence director, “Borogan and Soldatov said.

Alexeiev was sanctioned by the United States for a cyber operation aimed at the 2016 elections, and in 2018 was sanctioned by the European Union for the addiction of former Russian spy Sergei Scripal and his daughter Julia in the United Kingdom. I did.

The Times of the United Kingdom report Ukrainian intelligence has put Alexander Alexander on the list of war criminals and made public details including the location of his home in Moscow.

Borogan and Soldatov reports came as the Pentagon Evaluated The Russian army is “easily over two weeks late” in the Ukrainian campaign.

“The success he wants to achieve is certainly not on the timeline and has not been achieved,” Putin told reporters on Tuesday.

“We do not value the Russians as having made significant or significant progress.” Putin Raises GRU with Ukrainian Information Gathering – Report

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