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Putin says Nord Stream 2 Link ready to calm the gas

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the Nord Stream 2 submarine gas pipeline would help calm the rise in European gas prices, and will begin exporting now that the pipeline’s second stretch is full. I am ready.

Completed in September, Nord Stream 2 is awaiting regulatory approval from Germany and the EU and faces resistance from the United States and several countries, including Poland and Ukraine.

The pipeline was scheduled to be completed in 2019, but construction was suspended due to the threat of sanctions by the US administration of Donald Trump and the subsequent withdrawal of the Swiss-Netherlands company Allseas from pipe laying.

Russia had to complete it with its own fleet.

Putin said Wednesday that the second section of the twin pipeline was filled with gas.

“Dear Gazprom and Nord Stream 2 partners, I would like to congratulate you on the completion of the work, the creation of this additional highway and the preparation for work,” Putin said at a government meeting. .. Gazprom Alexei Mirror.

The $ 11 billion pipeline will be built by Gazprom, a gas giant managed by Kremlin, with half the cost of European energy companies: German Uniper and BASF’s Wintershalldy, International Oil Major Shell, Austria’s OMV. Paid by French Engie.

Wait for approval
Certification of links along the Baltic Sea floor from Russia to Germany is not expected until the end of the first half of 2022.

In Europe, natural gas prices are at record highs as supply is squeezed by economic recovery and strong energy demand.

Some politicians and experts have accused Russia of curbing gas exports while awaiting regulatory approval, and are more broad with the West for fear of Moscow launching a military aggression. Conflicts are unfolding over Ukraine. Russia has denied plans to attack Ukraine.

Putin said the launch of Nord Stream would increase gas supplies and lower gas prices not only in Europe but also in Ukraine.

“This will certainly have an immediate impact on market prices on the fly, and of course, consumers in all countries, those countries that consume Russian gas, will feel it for themselves.” Said Putin.

Upward pressure on European gas prices has increased after the Yamal-Europe pipeline, another major route for Russian gas to Europe, turned eastward earlier this month.

Gas flowed from Germany to Poland via the pipeline on Wednesday for nine consecutive days, data from German network operator Gascade showed.

(Reuters-Report by Vladimir Soldatkin and Oksana Kobzeba, edited by David Goodman and Barbara Lewis)

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