Putin to revive Soviet-era ‘Mother Heroine’ award

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Russian President Putin signed the decree Revive the honorary title “Mother Heroine” created in 1944 under Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

This order is awarded to Russian mothers who give birth to and raise 10 or more children of Russian citizenship. According to the decree, an eligible mother receives an award when her tenth living child turns one year old. A lump sum of 1 million rubles ($16,000) is also given to a woman who is given the title of “Mother Her Heroine”.

The title of “Mother Heroine” is supposed to be included in the list of the highest Russian state orders, such as “Hero of Russia” and “Hero of Labor”.

Vladimir Putin spoke favorably He proposed to revive the “Mother Heroine” award on June 1, the holiday of Children’s Day in Russia, and proposed to add a lump sum of 1 million rubles to qualified mothers.

During the Soviet era, the title of “mother heroine” was also given to women who gave birth to and raised ten or more children. Over 400,000 Soviet citizens received this honorary title. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, it was no longer awarded. Putin to revive Soviet-era ‘Mother Heroine’ award

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