Putin warns about “lightning reaction” to intervention in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday that Russia would begin a swift military response if other countries intervened in Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine.

President Putin told lawmakers, “If someone intervenes in the current event from the outside and creates an inherently strategic and unacceptable threat to us, they know that our response is very fast. You should be there. “

Russian leaders said the military would not hesitate to use the latest weapons.

“We have all the tools for this and no one else can brag about it. We don’t brag about it. We use them as needed. And I’m all I want you to know that, “Putin said.

“We have already made all the decisions about this.”

Putin has frequently touted the development of modern Russian weapons, including hypersonic missiles and the new Salmat intercontinental ballistic missile that was successfully tested earlier this month. Putin warns about “lightning reaction” to intervention in Ukraine

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