Putin’s line of NGOs: Prime Minister puts his trust in secret services

The Setubal refugee controversy Prime Minister Antonio Costa continues to fill the inch of the column today. Draw a line in the sand.

First, he told the journalist, he Confident in internal security / intelligence services “that is ActiveWhenever an illegal act is reported, the state “continues to act in conformity.”

He emphasized it Inspection of Setubal City Hall was organized And how to deal with Ukrainian refugees when Russian citizens were still in charge of their support..

However, there have been many changes since the announcement by Expresso last week. Every night, news channels are creating more things that need change.

For example, last night SIC reported: There wasn’t even a “data protection officer” in the city hall (As required by law from 2018).

This was mostly corrected when the breaking news was broadcast, but the current choice of general affairs and finance directors was APPSD (Data Protection and Security Experts Association), which President Ines Oliveria said was far superior. ) Is not impressed. Bringing someone “from the outside” rather than just adding it to the job description of someone who is already paying.

Otherwise, Edintsvo Association led by Igor Khashin – The Coordinating Council of the former President of Casa Darcia and the Russian compatriots has finally been cut off – 17 years later, and a subsidy of tens of thousands of euros – And various “investigations” are underway.

But the Prime Minister emphasized that. Slur against PCP – The kind announced last weekend at the “Thank you rally” of the Ukrainian citizens and associations – It’s time to stop and rethink.

The The idea that PCP Communists can be considered illegal “For the expected support of Russia” “Unthinkable”He said.

According to the Prime Minister, suggesting that PCP plays a role in Portugal’s democracy and not “Creating a witch hunting atmosphere”..

He said Portugal is in a clear position to support Ukraine and “absolutely condemn” Russia’s activities from a diplomatic point of view. “We support the investigation of war crimes committed by Russia, but we also need to protect democracy and freedom in our own lands.”

People have the right to accept their opinions. You are free to choose the political party to vote for.

“The serious differences maintained by the government, in the position confirmed by the PCP regarding the conflict in Ukraine, are obvious to everyone,” Costa added. But from political differences with PCP to outlawing PCP, it’s absolutely unthinkable in a democratic state of law … “

The prime minister is of Portugal Recent expulsion of 10 Russian embassy staff It has been and will continue to work as another example of how intelligence in this country works.

If Putin-backed NGOs continue to operate in this country, It was speculated that Portuguese intelligence is now well warned. Putin’s line of NGOs: Prime Minister puts his trust in secret services

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