Putin’s popularity has dropped dramatically in Hungary

According to the new Závecz Research telexThe majority of Hungarians do not want to strengthen Hungarian relations with Putin. In fact, the popularity of Russian leaders has dropped dramatically over the last five years.

Závech Research

The survey interviewed 1,000 people by telephone from May 20 to 23, 2022. In total, respondents represent the country’s adult population by age, gender, education, and place of residence. A previous study used the same method in March 2017.

2017 data

Five years ago, the Hungarians did not seem to have looked at the question of whether Hungary should maintain amicable relations with Russia. However, the public opinion was very positive for Russia. Almost half of the respondents (48%) were in favor of building closer ties with strong countries, but the opposition was also high (41%).

In 2017, only 49% of respondents believed that Russian leaders would threaten Hungary’s future. – Report

War changed everything

Putin’s decline in popularity is probably related to the fact that Russia attacked Ukraine three months ago.

In the latest 2022 survey, 66% of respondents consider Russia a potential threat.

Not all Hungarians show an unfriendly attitude towards Putin, but there is increasing uncertainty. Currently, 45% of respondents are in favor of leaving Russia and 22% were unable to comment.

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Polarization based on party sympathy

Not surprisingly, Hungarian society is highly polarized on this issue based on the sympathy of the party.

Eighty-three percent of opposition voters withdrew from Russia, compared to 27 percent of political party voters.

In addition, Fides voters are far more pro-Russian than the average respondent, with a majority (45 percent) maintaining ties with the country. However, there are a large number (28 percent) of undecided Fides voters who are not very sure about the situation.

On a 100-point scale, the Russian president received only 6 points from voters in the opposition coalition, 44 points from Fides, and 53 points from supporters of Mihazank (our hometown).

Aside from Fides voters, right-wing party Mi Hazank has shown the greatest support for Putin.

What does the government think of Putin?

Victor Orban’s view of Putin has always been very controversial. The Hungarian Prime Minister has been frequently criticized for attending meetings with Russian leaders and for becoming more and more economically involved in the country. The Hungarian government seems to be fairly Russian friendly, but it can look fooled.

“Communication between Fides and the pro-government press about the war is not about openly supporting Russia, but about being cunning because everyone else is lying.” – Director of Political Capital Explained.

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