Putin’s war in Ukraine, no to NATO

It is very disappointing Even some members of the left alliance are now publicly claiming Finland’s accession to NATO.

NATO, a hybrid of US power and British “diplomatic” Atlanticism, is a deep organization of capitalism and imperialism. From the beginning, it has used external enemies, first the Soviet Union and now the ideology of Russia, to attack and suppress socialist ideas and politics at home and in former colonies.

This includes the use of extreme violence against the left, as in the case of the far-right “staying behind” terrorist network (“Operation Gladio”).

This is because the proud socialist tradition of Western Europe, which opposes militarism and defends peace, neutrality, and non-alliance, maliciously scandals as the fifth row of Putin’s support, the “inner enemy.” So that’s what we’re observing today.

As a result, Russia’s true opposition to the war with Ukraine is now directed away from diplomacy towards rising militarism and the militant politics of NATO escalation. In other words, a solid neo-liberal politics of humanitarian imperialism, reminiscent of the thoughts that brought about the war in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

Such escalating actions are to promote the interests of ordinary Ukrainians rather than replacing the myriad crises of capitalism (economic, social, political and ecological) with militarism and war. I’m not interested. So while our rulers are talking about the Russian “Oligarch”, they still hypocritically refer to the “entrepreneur” at home.

However, it is not possible to solve the actual problems and crises caused by the exploitation of capitalism by agitating the competition between imperialism. Finland, which is a member of NATO, is recognized by Russia as what it really is. That is, the active action of military alliances with rival imperialist blocks, including Germany, which is commanded by the United States and especially re-militized. The next night, they will be kind to you. The dynamics of geopolitical-military expansion are really simple.

Ironically, Finland is further away from the military nonalignment (a policy that has been very useful in history), even if Russian troops are unable to conquer Ukraine and show no interest in the invasion of Finland. ..

It is strange that Finland’s claim of national sovereignty is how many people are enthusiastic about participating in NATO. How exactly is it a claim of national independence to transform a country into a new American colony at the European frontier of the American Empire? If anything, it is an erosion of sovereign autonomy.

This sovereign erosion will undoubtedly have consequences. But these results are not brought about by Washington or its London satellites in a major strategy to strengthen Western global hegemony over Russia and, more importantly, China. After all, they do not share a long border with either country.

Finland’s national interests do not overlap with these maniac Warmongers, and there are enormous deaths, evacuation, and suffering caused by their “humanitarian intervention.”

As always, NATO helps stir up disputes that it claims to respond by creating an unstable and safe environment that crushes meaningful diplomatic potential. The US and British governments don’t care about Ukraine. They don’t care about Finland.

That does not mean that Finland must remain “neutral” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But transferring sovereignty over military and diplomatic decision-making to the United States and Britain, which have a clear interest in conflicts with imperialist rivals, is clearly an incredibly stupid act.

Putin may be a continuing gift to US-led Atlanticism, but this ability to escalate and respond to Western provocations in a military way is, in and of itself, an essentially reactionary nature of the administration. This is an important aspect. Putin’s horrific crimes do not allow Western countries and NATO to commit their own horrific crimes, which count in the blood of millions.

Therefore, not only Russia other than Ukraine but also NATO outside Europe is needed. This means moving towards a continent that is military non-aligned and engages in internal and external peace, diplomacy and disarmament.

To Kyle Bailey

Kyle Bailey holds a PhD in Political Science from York University in Toronto.

This is the “viewpoint” opinion section. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the Helsinki Times. This column has not been confirmed and HT is not responsible for any inaccuracies or inaccuracies in this article. Putin’s war in Ukraine, no to NATO

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