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Qatar Airways CEO is “disappointed” as Heathrow Airport faces travel turmoil-Doha News

Heathrow Airport had to handle the flight schedule, according to one of its own directors.

London’s Heathrow Airport needed to better calculate flight interruptions this summer and notify airlines that it needed to shorten its schedule, one of Qatar Airways’ CEO and Heathrow Airport Director. The man Akbar Al Baker told Bloomberg.

On behalf of the Middle East sovereign wealth fund at Heathrow Airport’s board, Albaker said Bloomberg TV He understood that Hub was facing staffing issues, but was “disappointed” by the lack of foresight.

“Heathrow Airport has the right to restrict flights because it cannot overload the facility,” he said in an interview at the Farnborough Airshow on Monday.

“But my question to management is that they should have taken mitigation measures when they saw this coming.”

The airline giant’s CEO refuses to comment on the future of Heathrow’s management and CEO John Holland Kay, while at Heathrow for his position as a board member. He said it would be difficult to disclose details about.

Comments were made after Heathrow decided last week to set a two-month cap on daily passenger traffic to prevent travel disruptions caused by staff shortages in key areas such as ground handling. rice field.

The move, which saw thousands of bags piled up at the airport, “angered” airlines that were forced to clear up their flights during the peak summer season.

One such frustration was repeated by the UAE’s flag carrier, President Tim Clark, proposing to refrain from complying with these restrictions before a final agreement was reached.

Albaker said passengers usually book flights for July in March, so ideally airlines need to be notified about the rimstone three months in advance, “affecting costs” weeks. I noticed that I would stop the flight before.

However, Heathrow has requested some airlines to reduce their flights, but only to reduce the number of passengers on Qatar Airways.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Gulf Airlines has been cultivated as part of a better paid job after the pandemic and the situation of telecommuting in Europe, Belgium, which is gaining awkward momentum. Blame. France, Germany, the Netherlands.

However, Qatar’s flag carrier has not faced such recruitment issues and has received 20,000 applications for 700 open pilot posts, attracting attention from around the world except the United States.

Nevertheless, Qatar Airways is working on other supply issues, including the availability of spare planes, Albaker said. The incident encouraged airlines to minimize aircraft use and keep the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo on standby at all times.

The plight of a fleet shortage can spread to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but depending on the situation, Qatar Airways’ carrier-owned stakes can provide the required capacity.

Explained As a “very rare” public dispute in the aviation industry, the legal dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus over the A350 wide-body jet continues to be debated among the opposing parties.

Bloomberg said Al Baker saw a proposal to fix an issue that was acceptable to both his airline and Qatar’s aviation safety regulators, although Al Baker was still ready for a settlement on the case. There is no such thing. “

In an interview, the CEO emphasized the “illegal” move by Airbus to abandon another contract for A321neo supply and said it is currently awaiting a final court ruling followed by Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways and Boeing 777x orders

Meanwhile, the Qatar Airways chief confirmed a memorandum of understanding to purchase at least 25 on Monday. Boeing 737 MAX The option for planes and 25 additional planes has expired, but we are increasing orders for the Boeing 777X.

The airline has 74 planes ordered from Boeing, Albaker said during a briefing at the Farnborough Airshow on Monday.

However, the US aircraft manufacturer’s 777X jet is a few years behind schedule and is stuck with production and certification issues.

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