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Qatar Airways Demands Airbus $ 618 Million in Escalating Conflict-Doha News

Qatar’s flag carrier filed a proceeding against an airplane manufacturer in the London High Court in December to resolve the dispute.

Qatar Airways is currently demanding $ 618 million in contractual compensation from aircraft manufacturer Airbus amid growing legal issues surrounding defects in the horizontal cover of A350 aircraft. Reuters I am reporting.

Citing recent court documents, the news agency also prevents state airlines from trying to deliver more jets to British judges until France-based Airbus fixes the flaw. It states that it is requesting.

Since last year, Qatar Airways and Airbus have been involved in a controversy over the corrosion of the lightning protection sublayer of airplanes, the latter claiming that the flaws do not pose a risk to the safety of the A350.

Airbus described this flaw as a “surface paint” issue, but Qatar airlines expressed concern about the problem under paint and affected expanded copper foil. [ECF], Used as a lightning rod, and a composite shell.

In June last year, an airline spokesperson told Reuters, “Qatar Airways has experienced and witnessed an accelerating and deteriorating surface under the paint on some Airbus A350 aircraft.” rice field.

Qatar Airways escalate jet surface dispute and sue Airbus

Next, the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, the national regulator of the flag carrier. [QCAA], Twenty-one A350 aircraft have been grounded. This decision forced Qatar Airways to run short of aircraft. 40% Of the current fleet of the A350.

In response to the lack of action from the plane manufacturer, Qatar Airways filed a proceeding against Airbus in the London High Court last December.

Currently, according to the latest court documents, airlines are seeking an additional $ 4 million from Airbus each day the jet remains grounded, in addition to the amount required for contractual compensation.

In addition, the legal claim includes $ 76 million in compensation for a five-year-old aircraft that was parked in France for a year, which was to be repainted for the long-awaited 2022 World Cup. increase.

Industry sources told Reuters that the plane would need 980 repair patches after the painting process revealed a gap in the lighting shield.

Beyond Qatar Airways

Documents seen by Reuters Last November, it was revealed that the dispute raised similar concerns not only between the French company and the Gulf countries, but as far back as 2016, at least five other airlines.

Also, at the end of last year, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency [EASA] After revealing that Delta Air Lines, a major American airline, is facing a “painting problem”, it is possible that the patch for the lightning protection system has not been successfully installed on more than 12 Airbus A350 jets. I issued a preliminary warning.

In a conversation with the South China Morning Post in December, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker accused Airbus of: “destruction” Relationship with flag carrier.

Qatar also plans to lease a significant number of jets, including Cathay Pacific 777, to supplement grounded planes, Albaker said, making it difficult to repair a damaged relationship with Airbus. I said it would be.

Despite the QCAA’s claim that aircraft deterioration is “a hindrance without caution,” EASA, which oversees aircraft design, said it has found no evidence of airworthiness issues.

The Qatar airline was one of Airbus’ largest customers and the launch customer of the A350.

Moreover, Qatar Airways We brought back a portion of the Airbus A380 in November to meet passenger demands.

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