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Qatar Airways finally launches Boeing 737 MAX contract-Doha News

Qatar Airways operates more than 120 Boeing aircraft, including 777 and 787 passenger jets.

Qatar Airways confirmed orders for $ 3.3 billion worth of 25 Boeing 737 MAX10 single-passage airliners at the Farnborough Airshow on Thursday, consolidating transactions that had been stagnant for several months.

This move brought orders for this single-aisle jet model to 125 this week.

The news was revealed by Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker on the fourth day of the air show in Farnborough, southwest London.

Stand Deal, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said: Report..

The interim version of the order was first signed in Washington in January. But according to the Gulf airline, it later expired, Reuters report.

Albaker signed the 737MAX contract before reporters during the ceremony slowed down due to “last-minute negotiations” between airlines, Boeing and engine makers.

Boeing has scrambled to regain the momentum of sales of the crisis-stricken MAX Jet family. This is currently facing challenges in the market as US aircraft manufacturers are rushing to obtain certification prior to the December regulatory change.

At this week’s event in Farnborough, orders for Boeing bags were witnessed and “re-announced when recovered from many regulatory and industrial issues.”

However, analysts claim that Boeing’s rival Airbus seemed to have had less pressure to introduce the deal as it was partially sold out.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Standir said Tuesday that MAX had “rebooted” after a safety crisis, and Delta ordered 100 MAX 10 in a large $ 13.5 billion deal. He said there were 30 more options on Monday.

MAX aircraft suffered two fatal crashes each in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019, killing a total of 346 people.

The disaster prompted the jet to temporarily ground globally before resuming service in late 2020.

Qatar Airways has 74 of its 777X orders with Boeing, Albaker said during a briefing at the Farnborough Airshow on Monday.

However, the US aircraft manufacturer’s 777X jet is a few years behind schedule and is stuck with production and certification issues.

The final deal will also be finalized after Airbus cancels the multi-billion dollar order for 50 single-isle A321neo jets from Qatar Airways earlier this year.

Both the MAX 10 and A321neo are in the same category of narrow-body aircraft.

Explained As a “very rare” public dispute in the aviation industry, the legal dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus paved the way for Boeing to offer cargo ships to state-owned airlines.

In July last yearBoeing and Airbus are in fierce competition when airlines announce their intention to put down their pens and check for new large cargo ships if either manufacturer makes the latest model available in the cargo version. I was involved.

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