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Qatar Airways pilots amaze the world with a heroic landing during Storm Eunice-Doha News

Storm Eunice has killed at least 16 people across Europe.

The video of Qatar Airways captain Khalifa Altani miraculously landing following the battle with Storm Eunice over the weekend surprised the world.

The pilot was able to successfully land the Boeing 777-300ER at London Heathrow Airport on Friday. The dangerous 120mph wind severely disrupted flights at the airport and canceled one-fifth of all flights.

Qatar Airways pilot video goes viral following a live stream on YouTube’s Big Jet TV Over 7 million views..

The social media reaction was divided into a commentary on the heroic treatment of Altani’s storm and a satirical remark on Big Jet TV in the video. Aviation expert He described Altani’s technique during the storm as “a well-executed” textbook “crosswind landing.”

one Twitter user Also, “It’s one of the most impressive clips I’ve seen in a long time! And I haven’t seen the foot moving the rudder pedal when he lands above 100mph. Full respect To do.”

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Altani thanked his big jet tv Instagram page For recording his efforts to land safely in difficult weather conditions. “I am very grateful to Big Jet TV for providing great coverage and visual footage today,” Al Thani said on his page with 178,000 followers.

Storm Eunice

Europe witnessed Storm Eunice over the weekend, At least 16 people The whole area. Casualties were reported in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

People were killed by flying debris, things on the street, and fallen trees. Solar panels that blew the building killed a man in Belgium.

The storm raged, losing a 40-foot shipping container on its way to Germany, requiring countries to use helicopters to find the container.

Millions of homes and businesses have been affected by the storm. Thousands have been left powerless.

Reuters Until 2 on saturdayIn the UK, 26,000 people did not have electricity.

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