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Qatar Airways says there are no changes to US flights despite 5G concerns-Doha News

All Qatar-USA Flight It will continue to work as usual until further updates are announced regarding concerns about 5G deployment.

After global concerns about the deployment of 5G signals that interfere with flights in the United States, Qatar Airways Currently, passengers are reassured that there are no changes to flights on 12 US routes.

The state airline said that some return flights from the United States to Doha are expected to have “slight delays”, but no cancellations or rescheduling will occur. However, it is unclear which flight is exactly delayed and whether it is related to 5G concerns.

“Over the next 24 hours, we will continue to monitor progress related to the introduction of 5G in the United States and ensure that all updates regarding the status of flights in the United States are updated on our website, qatarairways.com.” Said in a travel warning.

“Today’s 15 Qatar Airways flights to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, and Washington are on schedule. Passengers,” tweeted. Added.

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What are your concerns about 5G rollouts?

Thousands of passengers were forced to cancel their travel plans to the United States from several countries, including India and the United Arab Emirates, after flights were canceled due to the introduction of new 5G services in the state. ..

It all started when two US telecom giants AT & T and Verizon announced that they would activate the new 5G network from January 19th. This will increase your customers’ internet speed.

However, the announcement raises some concerns from airlines and aircraft manufacturers around the world, saying that 5G frequencies can affect airplane radiometers, especially in bad weather.

2020 RTCA Cited report According to SAIB, the network reveals “a great risk that 5G communication systems in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band will cause harmful interference to radar altimeters of all types of commercial aircraft.”

“The risks are widespread and, without appropriate mitigation measures, can have a wide range of implications for U.S. aviation operations, including the potential for catastrophic failures that result in multiple deaths,” he added. rice field.

The Federal Aviation Administration also wants for 5G radio interference, saying that this update could affect sensitive aircraft instruments such as radar altimeters and significantly impede poor visibility operations.

“There are some implications due to the limitations of some radio altimeters,” the FAA said.

Recently Statement from United Airlines “When deployed next to the runway, 5G signals can interfere with the major safety devices that pilots rely on to take off and land in bad weather,” he said.

This concern has led major international airlines, including Emirates, Air India, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, to cancel flights to the United States. Emirates alone has suspended flights to nine airports, including Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fort Worth, George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, and Seattle.

I’m late, but what’s next?

After concerns began to rise, both telecom giants announced that they would delay the activation of 5G towers near some US airports by two weeks to resolve the “difference.”

According to sources Reuters Verizon “does not temporarily turn on about 500 towers near the airport” [–] Or, less than 10% of planned deployments, carriers and governments are working on permanent solutions, sources explained.

However, the details of the agreement and the length of the suspension have not been disclosed.

So far, Qatar and US flights continue to operate until the differences are resolved, but it is still unclear when they will reach an agreement.

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