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Qatar and Turkey’Running the technical part of the airport in Afghanistan’-Doha News

Recent discussions on airport management have been delayed due to technical team members contracting with Covid-19.

Qatar and Turkish companies will manage technology operations at Afghan airports, and the transaction is expected to close within two weeks, according to Afghan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation officials. [MoTCA] Said on Monday.

“We don’t give anyone control of the airport. MoTCA spokesman Imamuddin Ahmadi told the Afghan press. TOLOnews..

A delegation from Qatar and Turkey visited Kabul last December to discuss the operation of various airports in the country with Afghan officials.

Doha and Ankara signed a memorandum of understanding prior to their departure. [MoU]If the contract from Kabul is granted, the two parties have agreed to operate five different airports together.

A few months after the collapse of the former Afghan government, Doha and Ankara technical teams succeeded in facilitating the resumption of private flights at Kabul International Airport in Kabul, and the journey of ally representatives begins.

Qatar, Turkey and United Arab Emirates vie for operation of Kabul Airport

The team was able to get the airport up and running in a short period of time, allowing them to resume air travel and evacuate dozens of times. Most of it was operated by Qatar Airways, Doha’s national airline.

Commenting on the latest discussion, Mr Ahmadhi said negotiations were still underway between Turkey’s Qatar and the interim Afghan government.

“Some members of the tech team are infected with Covid-19. Also, with the arrival of the New Year, the delegation went on vacation, so negotiations were postponed. However, the tech team contacted us. We are in a fight so we can make the final decision, “says Ahmadhi.

Under the technical agreement, Afghanistan airports will be able to increase the number of international flights between Afghanistan and other countries.

“It is important for Afghanistan to reach an immediate agreement with Turkish and Qatar companies to reopen international flights, so our commercial relationship is with other countries,” said political analyst Abdul Hai Kani. It also extends. ” ..

On August 15, last year, the Taliban hijacked Kabul following a series of rapid territorial expansions.

The moment the militants arrived on the outskirts of the capital, the former Afghan government collapsed after then-President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Former leader Crab, who first fled to Tajikistan and is now in exile in the UAE, has since defended his decision by saying, “I want to avoid bloodshed.”

Following the acquisition, Western nations rushed to withdraw their troops prior to the August 31 deadline for a complete withdrawal set by US President Joe Biden.

This led to a chaotic scene at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Many civilians who were caught in the plane died there.

Qatar, the region’s heavyweight mediator, played a crucial role in what happened in Afghanistan and carried out the largest airlift in history. Gulf countries have evacuated at least 70,000 Afghanistan and aliens.

Gulf countries continue to promote evacuation and provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

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