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Qatar Camel Festival Wins Winner with “Botox Free” Beauty-Doha News

The owner explained that it took “years” to collect the checks and prepare the camels.

The “Botox Free” camel won the 1 million Riar cash award for the winner being announced at Qatar’s first Camel Festival.

The crowned camel named Mangiah Ghufran was among other camels from across the region, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as Qatar expanded the camel festival from more local to regional. I pretended. Report..

Organizers have taken great care in hosting camel contestants as the recent camel festival in Saudi Arabia has caused anger on suspicion of Botox.

The King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival attracted breeders from around the Gulf with a prize pool of $ 66 million. Report Said.

According to people familiar with the matter, camel cosmetology practices are considered “animal cruelty” and “violators face heavy fines and are banned from participating in future competitions.”

Despite the severe penalties, the camel pageant beauty pageant cheating has blossomed in fierce competition. Injections are made with the purpose of “hanging the lips and making the hump more shape”. report OK.

“Work has been done to combat tampering, such as the use of botox and fillers,” said Festival Chief Organizer Hamad Jaber Al-Athba.

To avoid potential fraudulent scandals, organizers place camels on x-rays and other surveillance sources. “We had professional veterinary staff and advanced equipment to fight tampering and limit the spread of cosmetics,” he added.

“Corruption was seriously fought at the camel festival in Qatar,” Al-Athba reiterated.

To select a winner, the jury examines the “size and beauty” of the animal’s head, neck length, and camel hump position. These characteristics are considered to be the most important points, “he said.

For black camels, the head size can be a “deal breaker”, while for white camels, color consistency is taken into account.

Authorities in the Gulf countries and their neighbors are trying to spotlight traditional practices when competing with major events such as the World Cup and the F1 Grand Prix in the Gulf countries.

Al-Athba said the festival was a success. This is a testament to Qatar’s “increasing urban population and desert-dwelling Bedouins.”

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