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Qatar Chad FM Meeting in Doha Prior to Mediation Negotiations-Doha News

A source familiar with the talks told Doha News that the first meeting between the Chad government and armed opposition is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Altani met with Chad’s counterpart Mahamat Zene Sheriff in Doha on Sunday prior to the Gulf States-sponsored dispute resolution negotiations.

Since Mohammed Idriss Dévi, head of Chad’s Interim Military Council, announced on a political negotiation promoted by Doha aimed at resolving the current crisis in an African country, between two senior officials. The meeting will be held for the first time.

Sheriff is currently leading the Chad delegation in Qatar in preparation for the upcoming dialogue in Doha.

“During the meeting, they considered bilateral cooperation and efforts to organize a meeting between representatives of Chad’s Interim Military Council and Chad’s armed groups,” he said. Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)..

The ministry also said the Foreign Minister had discussed “the latest developments in mediation and reconciliation efforts related to the achievement of comprehensive domestic dialogue and domestic reconciliation.”

On Saturday, political negotiations will take place in Al Jazeera after Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Altani agrees to provide all Chad sides with his country’s assistance to reach a political resolution. Clarified.

Doha’s Chad delegation is preparing for a comprehensive consultation

Sources with knowledge of the story said Doha News The first meeting between the Chad government and anti-armed groups is expected to take place within the next two weeks.

However, the specific date is not stated.

It is also unclear whether it will replace the national reconciliation negotiations, which are currently scheduled for February 15, and are separate from the Qatar-mediated dialogue aimed at regaining civilian control. be.

Devi hopes that future talks will bring about peace in N’Djamena and the disarmament and return of Chad radicals from Libya to their country.

Meanwhile, another delegation is holding a meeting with armed groups in Khartoum to discuss participation in the Doha conference.

Negotiations will take place after months of tension between the Chad government and armed groups, which intensified after the murder of former President Idriss Dévi on April 20, last year.

The late president was re-elected for the sixth term at the time and was killed during a visit to Chad’s army fighting rebels from the front due to Chad’s changes and concord. [FACT]..

The former president later replaced his son, General Mahamat. 40 members The provisional government in May, which is scheduled to remain in power until the end of 2022.
Devi also formed a provisional parliament in September and is composed of the National Transitional Council (NTC). 93 members..

Qatar Mediation Efforts

Qatar’s latest mediation role in Chad aims to further improve Doha and N’Djamena relations after Doha and N’Djamena cut off diplomatic relations with the Gulf countries during the 2017 GCC crisis.

Chad accused Qatar of trying to destabilize a country in Central Africa through neighboring Libya. In order, Doha said N’Djamena participated in “Political Blackmail against Qatar”.

Qatar’s role in mediation in the conflict-stricken Chad dates back to 2009, when Qatar sponsored the signature. “Doha Agreement”Also known as the “Darfur Agreement” between Khartoum and N’Djamena.

The Doha Promotion Agreement, co-sponsored by Libya, was signed in 2008 in tensions between Sudan and Chad, and the two countries accused each other of supporting rebels and attacking rebels within their territory. ..

Qatar has a long history of conflict resolution between factions fighting in different parts of the world beyond Africa. Especially his recent role in Afghanistan.

After the Taliban hijacked Kabul on August 15, last year, Qatar ensured that talks would continue between the militants and all segments of Afghan society.

It also continued to facilitate negotiations between the Taliban and the United States and sponsored the Doha Agreement between the parties in February 2020.

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