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Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Islamic organization for food security considers ways to strengthen cooperation

Officials from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IFOS) held a meeting on Wednesday aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two agencies.
Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Obeidley, co-chair of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Food Security Commission, and Jerian a Bydaulet, general director of IFOS, will also join Qatar’s inter-private sector agriculture and food sector. Discussed how to promote mutual investment. And its counterparts in IFOS’s 36 Islamic member states.
Al-Obaidly emphasizes the importance of strengthening cooperation between Islamic states in food security, allowing the Islamic economy to open up to the international community and the private sector to play an important role in agriculture and food. He emphasized the need to build strong relationships in the industry. In strengthening food security in Islamic countries.
He also assures the importance of having a general agreement governing cooperation between various parties to facilitate trade and investment exchanges in the field of food security, supporting agricultural investment and marketing. He pointed out the need to support producers in the process.
Baidaulet praises the development of Qatar’s food security sector, and IFOS seeks to promote cooperation with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce to encourage Qatar investors to invest in the food industry of member countries. Pointed out that there is.
IFOS aims to provide member countries with the expertise and technical know-how on various aspects of sustainable agriculture, rural development, food security and biotechnology, he said.
IFOS also strives to assess and monitor the status of food security in member countries to identify emergencies and to provide social safety nets and humanitarian assistance through food security reserves.
Baidaulet also said IFOS seeks to coordinate, formulate and implement general agricultural policies, such as the replacement and relocation of appropriate technologies and public food management systems.
IFOS also mobilizes and manages financial and agricultural resources to address the problems caused by desertification, deforestation, erosion and salt, and to strengthen food security, he added.

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