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Qatar Charity deploys emergency assistance to Syrian refugee camps after a violent storm-Doha News

Torrents and sub-zero temperatures continue to threaten life in refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon.Qatar Send help To relieve people’s suffering.

Qatar Charity sent an emergency relief team to a refugee camp in Aarsal along the Syrian-Lebanese border in hopes of relieving the suffering of thousands of Syrians.

This has been brought about in response to the heavy snowstorms that hit parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, further complicating the already volatile situation of thousands of Syrian refugees.

QC has dispatched a convoy of 10 trucks to provide the first support batch to assist those in urgent need. Food baskets, clothing, heating fuel and other basic supplies are among the items delivered.

Aarsal, a small town in Lebanon, has one of the largest refugee concentration areas in the country. For the more than 50,000 Syrians who live there, winter has consistently been proven to be a matter of life and death.

Heavy rains and low temperatures have severely affected thousands of people for almost a decade, and many struggle to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures. The lack of proper access to fuel, coupled with the crowded living environment, exacerbates the situation.

In the past, many people have died in harsh temperatures, and those who endure it are in good health for a long time.

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“The situation is very difficult,” said social activist Baseem Atrash. Speak from the town of Arsal.. “they [Syrian refugees] From plastic to old clothes, I’m burning something to keep the heater on, “he added.

Last month, a Syrian mother and three children died of inhaling poisonous gas while sleeping. They were burning coal to warm the room.

Rising timber costs due to the economic crisis in Lebanon have also exacerbated the problem.Currently, the cost of a ton of wood is almost 5 times the minimum wage In Lebanon, it sells for 3 million Lebanese lira ($ 120).

Aid group Care International says the temperature is still DropEndanger millions of lives.

Local and international NGOs have warned of the devastating impact of winter on border camps and have since launched campaigns to support camp families and residents.One such NGO is the Molham Team, a Syrian student-led charity that has become one of the largest organizations operating in Syria. Gives warmth 15 A campaign to help people affected by a snowstorm in a camp in northwestern Syria.

UNHCR and UNICEF have also raised millions of dollars during the conflict process, especially during the winter months. Every year, UNICEF distributes winter clothing kits for children, including winter jackets, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.

Qatar has also contributed to the project’s efforts through QC. Syria: Endless Winter Campaign, 2015.

This recent aid falls under the “Arsal Relief” initiative. “Warmness and peace”, QC aims to distribute its convoy to six camps.

Every year, international and regional campaigns are launched to meet the most urgent needs of people living in refugee camps and internally displaced persons camps and to ensure better living conditions, but sustainably long-term. No solution has been found yet.

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