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Qatar defeats Iraq in Asian Men’s Handball Championship to top group-Doha News

Team Qatar led the group after another victory, and Arannavi defeated Iraq in the second match of the Asian Men’s Handball Championship.

Qatar took the lead in a group stage match with Iraq on Wednesday night. After leading 17-9 in the break, he won an overwhelming victory at 37-22.

After a showcase of skills in the opening match with Oman, Qatar extended the lead to 4 points and solidified the top of Group C.

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The handball team will play another match before entering the next stage. The preliminary group stage concludes with a meeting with Qatar in the United Arab Emirates at 19:00 Doha time on January 20th.

Qatar can avoid defeats against rivals in the United Arab Emirates region and guarantee a top spot if Iraq cannot defeat Oman.

Maroon or Al Anabi As is known in Arabic, he has been a leading candidate in the world of handball in the last decade and has won the last four Asian continental tournaments from 2014 to 2020. Only South Korea won the tournament many times, and the Seoul team won. He won consecutive championships from 1983 to 1991, 2000, and 2006 to 2010.

Kuwait, on the other hand, is equivalent to Qatar’s four trophies and won the championship in 1995 and 2002-2006.

If Team Qatar succeeds in this year’s tournament, it will set a new record for the most consecutive championships to date.

So far, Kuwait has scored the most goals in the tournament after defeating Singapore 43-14 in the second match. The Group A match could have ended in the first half after the Kuwaiti’s overwhelming performance with a 21-8 lead.

South Korea, seeded in the same group as Kuwait, had a closer relationship. The match with Jordan ended 28-24 after leading only one goal in the first half. The team will face Kuwait on Thursday night to determine who will lead the group.

In Group B, Saudi Arabia and Iran continued to win in a row with a comfortable victory. The tournament organizer defeated Australia 30-13 in the second match after leading 16-7 in the first half. Iran responded with a similar scoreline of 42-29, removing India from the title conflict.

In Group D, Bahrain has set a perfect record as he widens his lead and secures the best goal difference in the tournament. The team beat Uzbekistan 35-19 and Hong Kong beat Vietnam 31-27.

The third match of the group stage will take place on Thursday.

The 16 participating teams will be divided into 4 groups, each containing 4 teams, ranked 1st and 2nd, and proceed to 2 main round groups of 4 teams. After that, the top two teams from each main round group will advance to the semi-finals.

Saudi Arabia was awarded the right to host the tournament after the championship was transferred by the Asian Handball Federation in September due to the spread of Covid-19 in the first host country, Iran.


Group A

Kuwait (4)

South Korea (4)

Jordan (0)

Singapore (0)

Group B

Saudi Arabia (4)

Iran (4)

India (0)

Australia (0)

Group C

Qatar (4)

Iraq (2)

United Arab Emirates (2)

Oman (0)

Group D

Bahrain (4)

Uzbekistan (2)

Hong Kong (2)

Vietnam (0)

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