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Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Science Club Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Qatar Science Club (QSC) to support Qatar entrepreneurs, innovators and small and medium-sized enterprises and to diversify and enhance the capacity of the Qatar economy. A competitive company in the domestic and international markets.
The MoU was signed by Abdulrahman bin Hishamal-Suwaidi, Chief Executive Officer of QDB, and Rashidal-Rahimi, Executive Director of QSC.
MoU is a QSC innovator by providing financial grants to develop ideas and engineering designs to prove ideas, and by providing technical consultants to manufacture and test prototypes for innovation. Provide support. It also provides workshops, customized training, work plans, and provides non-essential support by linking inventors and innovators with QDB’s professional business incubators.
MoU also includes new entrepreneurship and innovation programs, updates to existing programs with the latest international methods, and other means of cooperation aimed at developing Qatar’s entrepreneurship system.
MoU provides a supportive environment for innovative young people and entrepreneurs, transforms new ideas into practical and effective models, and enhances Qatar’s community and Qatar’s institutional capacity.
Al Swidy says banks will always attract and support young Qatar innovators, transform their ideas into successful and competitive business projects, and provide the support and guidance needed to contribute to the national economy. He said he was working on a formula and program for.
Engineer Rashidal-Rahimi explained that QSC aims to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with appropriate and supportive incubators.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710514/Qatar-Development-Bank-and-Qatar-Scientific-Club-s Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Science Club Sign Memorandum of Understanding

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