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Qatar-Doha News to Help Thousands of Syrians Following a Brutal Blizzard

The Brutal snowstorm In Syria, one of the worst in the last few years, thousands of internally displaced persons have remained without shelters or home-like locations.

Tens of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) Qatar CharityThe organization has announced the latest batch of relief supplies as part of the long-awaited winter drive.

The charity’s “Warmness and Peace” campaign provides humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in need around the world with the help of generous donations from citizens.

As part of InitiativeThe latest aid to Syria includes about 10,000 food packages, 1,000 blankets and 1,000 hygiene kits. 5,000 bundles of bread are also distributed daily for 12 consecutive days.

Internally displaced persons and residents of northern Syria suffer severely during the harsh winter season. Many are fighting fierce storms to keep their homes intact.

Hundreds of tents have collapsed in the last few weeks, and families have lost shelter during sub-zero weather. This week alone, more than 160 families have been caught in a storm and have nowhere to go.

Currently, 62 tents in the IDP camp have been damaged and an additional 724 tents have been completely destroyed.

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“When the snowstorm began, I prayed to God that it would be lighter, but it just kept getting worse,” said Douja Al Ali, who has lived in an internally displaced person camp for four years. Al Jazeera.. “Everything is frozen! We need help!”

The mother was in the intensive care unit after at least one child died and the tent collapsed due to harsh weather conditions.

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97% of the population of northwestern Syria lives below the poverty line, of which more than 4 million are internally displaced.

With an astonishing number It’s getting worse In terms of living conditions, QC will do everything in its power to help as many Syrians survive the fierce storm by donating tents, food and clothing to thousands of people in camps in Afrin, Azaz and Idlib. I’m doing my best.

Charities are also expected to deploy more than 682 residential caravans to the most vulnerable people to protect them and pay an additional 300 families three months’ rent until the weather settles.

460,000 bundles of freshly baked bread will be distributed to 18,000 households in need over the next three months. Donations also include 2,800 blankets and warm clothing to protect against bad weather.

In total, an estimated 272,000 people are expected to benefit from the latest emergency response from national organizations.

Charities are calling on the general public and donors to continue to support the “warmth and peace” winter campaign through donations via websites, phone numbers, or mobile applications.

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