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Qatar emphasizes the importance of women’s participation in building, maintaining, building and maintaining peace.

From its position as an active and pioneering country in conflicts and peaceful resolution of conflicts, Qatar’s participation of women in building, maintaining, building and maintaining peace is an essential and prerequisite for the success of these efforts. I confirmed that.

This is a Qatar statement addressed to the UN Ambassador Sheikh Aria Ahmed bin Saif Altani by the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar, chaired by Norwegian Foreign Minister Aniken Whitfeld. Women, Peace and Security-Protection of Participation: Addressing Women-Targeted Violence in the Peace and Security Process. “

In a statement, the Permanent Representative of HE emphasized that Qatar believes in the importance of full participation of women in various political, economic and social fields, and in addition to its importance, the provinces. And said it was embodied in policy at the international level. Regarding the involvement of women in the peace process, the content of these processes should take into account the protection of the rights of women and girls and the increased participation in society.

Qatar, in collaboration with Finland, Colombia, and many UN agencies and civil society organizations, will host a high-level global conference on the de facto peace process, including youth, on 20 January. His Excellency focused on the participation of young women in the peace process and said it would help in efforts to promote widespread participation of women in peacebuilding.

In his statement, His Excellency mentioned Qatar’s support for the peace process and establishment of peace in Afghanistan. She noted that Qatar took special care to promote women’s participation in peace talks hosted by Doha and to maintain the benefits brought about by the people of Afghanistan, especially for the benefit of women.

Since August, Qatar’s efforts have worked with international partners such as a group of Afghan women’s friends to support and emphasize the rights of women and girls and to make the voice of Afghan women international. He said he has focused on listening to.

Also, most of Qatar’s pioneering efforts to evacuate Afghanistan and other citizens and accept thousands in Doha include continued operation of educational facilities, education of girls in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, especially Afghanistan. He added that he would promote UN humanitarian activities in Afghanistan to improve the humanitarian conditions of women.

The Permanent Representative said that providing a safe and effective environment is needed to strengthen and pave the way for women to participate in and do so in the process of peace and security. .. Such violations are one of the worst forms of deprivation of women’s rights, and the Secretary-General’s recent report on women regrets that they are constantly occurring in many conflict situations and this tendency is increasing. I emphasized that I think. Peace and security.

Her Excellency deserves criticism in all its forms, wherever and excuses these serious violations occur, and how to deal with and prevent them that require the attention of the United Nations and the international community. Emphasized that he is working on.

To conclude her statement, Qatar’s Permanent Representative said that Qatar has ensured the improvement of women’s rights and the protection of women’s safety in all areas, especially this is one of the factors for the success of these operations. Yes, and therefore in the interests of all.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/708252/Qatar-stresses-importance-of-women-s-participation Qatar emphasizes the importance of women’s participation in building, maintaining, building and maintaining peace.

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