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Qatar Enters Digital Economy with New Meta Connection-Doha News

Qatar’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is set up to experience digital transformation through a new partnership with Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

Qatar and Facebook’s parent company Meta signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday to transform Qatar into a digitally-enabled economy.

Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Meta will work together to support the digital transformation of Qatar’s SMEs.

The ministry aims to foster a human-centered concept for the digital economy and society, “making digital transformation a completely inclusive and transformative process for all businesses.” Qatar News Agency report.

Meta has launched a virtual hub in the Gulf countries for these companies using a training webinar on digital marketing.

The content provided includes training on how to attract your audience creatively on Instagram, start with Meta Business Suite, become creative with ads, and reach your audience with personalized ads.

“A strategic partnership with Meta complements and strengthens Qatar’s efforts to support SMEs on a journey of digital transformation that is critical to the country’s economic and social development,” said Assistant Deputy Assistant to Digital Social Development. Reem Armansuri, says. At the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The program is supported by Qatar-based partners: Aspire Zone Foundation, Sport Accelerator, Qatar Science and Technology Park, Qatar Financial Center, and Qatar Development Bank (QDB).

Qatar is gradually transitioning towards a service economy.

according to statisticsIn 2011, industry accounted for 73.21% of gross domestic product (GDP) and services reached 28.56%. In 2020, industry accounted for 52.33% and services accounted for 52.74%.

“The partnership with Meta is in line with QDB’s efforts for digital transformation. In particular, the outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated digital solutions and e-commerce processes at a broader level,” said QDB Abdulrahman, Deputy CEO. Says. Hesham Arswidy.

However, an agreement was reached as Meta continued to face criticisms of its direct role in sharing user personal information with businesses in exchange for cash.

Meta controversial role

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, then known as Facebook, launched an inquisition in April 2018 with a public apology for the privacy scandal that offended social media users.

he open Responsible for Cambridge Analytica, a data mining company associated with the Donald Trump presidential election, for failing to prevent the extraction of personal information from 87 million users attempting to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election. His remark elections at the Senate Commerce Commission and the Judiciary Commission by alleging.

Zuckerberg also hesitated to reveal how his platform was used. Russian-backed actor It influences the election result.

Media giants share access to their data with other technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and Spotify. New York Times..

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