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Qatar face South Korea in handball championship semifinals-Doha News

The national team continues to win 100% in a row at the Asian Men’s Handball Championship in Saudi Arabia, one match away from the semi-finals.

Qatar defeated Uzbekistan by the largest margin ever this Monday, increasing their chances of reaching the semi-finals.

The national team dominated the first half as they started the match with a 28-7 lead. Maroon continued his dominant display after finishing games 46-15 in Dammam.

This is the fifth consecutive victory in the tournament.

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This victory will make Qatar the only lead in the first group to spare the game as it will be the highest scored and best defensive team on the group stage of both groups.

However, this is not enough to win the semi-final spot, as the winner will be given 2 points and the loser will be given 0. Currently, Saudi Arabia in 2nd place and South Korea in 3rd place each have 2 points.

If Qatar loses in the next match against South Korea, they may be disqualified despite the record of victory and will earn points but lose their direct score.

In Group 2, Bahrain and Iran achieved good results with consecutive wins on the group stage.

Iran was the closest in half-time of the round, tying 11 players. The team later finished 27-26 against Kuwait, winning by one point.

Bahrain also led Iraq 18-15 in half-time and fought a fierce battle to finish 34-31.

With only two dominant teams in the group, Iran and Bahrain secured their place in the semi-finals.

In the final match, tournament organizer Saudi Arabia will face Uzbekistan as Qatar faces the biggest challenge to date, South Korea.

The winner of the match goes to the semi-finals, so it’s a make-up or break for both teams.

Historically, South Korea has won the Asian Men’s Handball Championship nine times more than any other team, but Qatar has won the championship in the last four editions.

The match against South Korea will begin at 5 pm Doha time on Wednesday, January 26th.

The ranking of the semi-final qualifying rounds is as follows.

Group 1
Qatar (4 points)
Saudi Arabia (2 points)
South Korea (2 points)
Uzbekistan (0 points)

Group 2
Bahrain (4 points) (qualified for semi-finals)
Iran (4 points) (qualified for semi-finals)
Iraq (0 points)
Kuwait (0 points)

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