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Qatar First Bank Holds Extraordinary General Meeting

Qatar First Bank held its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and approved all agenda items on Monday.

Chaired by QFB Vice-Chairman Mohammed Youssef Al Mana, the EGM was held virtually via Zoom. Attendees were members of QFB’s board of directors, shareholders and the bank’s senior management team.
EGM has approved all agenda items including the change of the bank’s name to “Lesha Bank” and the chairman of the board has taken all necessary steps related to the bank’s new name, new name, logo You have authorized to make any necessary adjustments to , the Bank’s trademarks, domains, websites or emails, and the names of the Bank’s subsidiaries.
Shareholders may also enter into agreements, applications, amendments, adjustments, approvals, or other documents required by authorities or private bodies for the purpose of adopting the bank’s new name, subsidiary names, logos, and trademarks by the chairman of the board. I agree to sign. , domains, email changes, and websites.
EGM attendees also discussed and approved proposed changes to the Bank’s Articles of Incorporation (AOA), subject to approval by all relevant regulatory authorities.
Shareholders sign the bank subsidiary’s amended AOA to reflect the name of the new subsidiary, make any necessary amendments if required by regulatory authorities, and register all amended AOAs with the relevant authorities. I have authorized the Chairman to do all necessary acts to However, it is not limited to Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA).
EGM also provides the Board with the possibility to explore and enter new investment opportunities in the health sector or other sectors, acquire shares in other companies through bank subsidiaries, and provide opportunities to invest in this sector or other sectors. You have authorized to authorize transactions on
The Chairman further amends the bank’s AOA to reflect the above powers as part of the powers conferred on the Board in the AOA, makes necessary amendments if required by regulators, and registers the bank. You have the power to carry out all acts intended. Amended her AOA with relevant authorities including but not limited to QFC and QFMA.
QFB Chairman Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al Thani said: Over the past few years, QFB has continued to drive new business strategies, achieving remarkable results and enhancing the bank’s position in Qatar.
“QFB not only recorded a more diversified investment portfolio and stable earnings, but also a turnaround financial performance, putting the bank in a profitable position during a significant transition to a new strategic direction.”

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