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Qatar FM updates apology for invasive search at Hamad International Airport-Doha News

Doha News learned in November that security officials in charge of invasive search orders were fined heavily and sentenced to six months in prison.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Tani renewed Doha’s apology to an Australian woman who underwent a non-consensual strip search at Hamad International Airport in 2020.

The incident occurred when a newborn baby girl was found abandoned in the HIA terminal toilet. When the baby was found, 13 Australian women in particular took off from Qatar Airways flights.

The woman then underwent a non-consensual, invasive medical examination.

On Wednesday, Australian media asked Qatar’s Foreign Minister about the incident while attending a session with Chatham House in London. Depending on whether the woman should be compensated, Sheikh Mohammed said the problem was resolved. Sydney Herald report.

“We, as the government, take full responsibility for this action and impose penalties on those responsible for such slips. This was a big mistake.”

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In November, seven women victims of an invasive search announced plans to sue Qatar. They claimed that the Gulf countries had not yet provided a formal apology.

Despite the woman’s allegations, Qatar has announced public condemnation and apology for the case. The Gulf States Communications Agency (GCO) also issued a statement on October 28, 2020 condemning women’s rights infringement.

“It’s a legal challenge, but unfortunately I can’t comment on the proceedings women are pursuing,” said Sheikh Mohammed, as the Australian media quoted. He added that airport staff are being trained to ensure that the incident never happens again.

“It was a single incident that happened, then nothing happened, and we guarantee the safety and security of women and men traveling on Qatar Airways.”

The Sydney Morning Herald said a lawyer representing women in the New South Wales Supreme Court claimed that the training system had never been publicly announced.

But last year, the National Commission on Human Rights (NHRC) in Qatar organized a training course for HIA leaders. This program is entitled “International Standards for Human Rights at Airports” and applies international human rights standards.

In addition to the proceedings in the New South Wales Supreme Court, the women have filed complaints with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In another allegation, they said Qatar Airways had infringed their rights and asked the airline to apologize.

They also want to have a “constructive dialogue” about claims of compensation and guarantees that such cases will never happen again.

“Women will continue to assert their claims in front of the OECD and will soon begin proceedings in NSW courts,” Sturzaker said.


The newborn baby was found to have been dumped by his mother in the trash can in one of the toilets in the departure terminal. As a result of her investigation, she then boarded the plane.

Qatar’s prosecution announced a few weeks later that the woman had sent a message and images of the newborn to her child’s father. Her message informed him that she had abandoned her baby and fled to her homeland.

Sources told Doha News last year that the baby remains in Qatar’s Orphan Care Center (Dreama). Authorities have confirmed that she is being taken care of by her.

Doha News also learned that one of the security officials responsible for the order of the invasive search was fined heavily and sentenced to six months in prison, but was upheld by a Qatari court. rice field.

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