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Qatar fuels Gaza’s only power plant-Doha News

The Gulf countries promised $ 60 million in February this year to establish a pipeline from Israeli-occupied Palestine to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Qatar Commission for Reconstruction of Gaza Signs Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] On Sunday, along with some Palestinian bodies, it supplied the coveted fuel to the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the committee statement, The Qatar side and the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority and the Gaza Power Company have signed an agreement. [GPGC]..

Ambassador Mohammed al-Emady, chairman of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Commission, said the agreement will focus on the mechanism by which gas is supplied to the Palestinian enclave and the fuel needed to operate the only power plant is purchased. Said that.

“Under the memorandum, the Catali Commission will fund the construction of a gas pipeline from the supplier to the border of the Gaza Strip at an estimated $ 60 million,” the statement added.

In addition, Qatar said all sides would start using gas fuels instead of liquid fuels.

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of February This year, the Catali Commission is 6000 to fund a project aimed at supplying gas to Gaza to resolve an ongoing power crisis by transferring gas from Israeli-controlled Palestine. I promised $ 10,000.

The agreement aims to increase the capacity of the power plant to at least 500 MW to provide the city with adequate electricity.

In June, Qatar-funded fuel entered the Gaza Strip, powering the city’s power plants for the first time since the ceasefire in May.It was under the framework of the United Nations by agreement between UNOPS [United Nations Office for Project Services] And Doha.

But only a few months later NovemberPalestinian energy officials said Qatar’s fuel supply had stopped reaching Gaza and was at risk of more power outages. The suspension is due to Israeli restrictions, Entry of Qatar Fuel To the strip.

Gaza Strip

Gaza has suffered from Israel’s illegal land, air and sea blockades since 2006, putting more than two million Palestinians in an inhumane situation and exacerbated by four major wars. The latest is the Israeli attack in May this year. ..

In 11 days of bombardment, Israel killed 256 Palestinians, including 66 children.

Qatar has promised $ 500 million to rebuild a residential unit destroyed by a recent Israeli bombardment.Until today 1,600 units Restored and rebuilt by the besieged Qatar Charity Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli information Human Rights Center in Occupied Territories [B’tselem]The entire population of Gaza needs at least 600 MW of electricity to ensure a 24/7 supply.

However, Palestinians living in the besieged area received only 180 MW, of which 120 MW came directly from Israel. These are transported from Qatar-funded Gaza power plants via 10 and 60 transmission lines.

Due to restricted access, residents take turns receiving electricity for eight hours, are unpowered by the cold winters, and in some cases suffer up to 12 hours.

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Israel too 90% Water source percentages and figures show that only 10.5% of Palestinians in Gaza have access to safe drinking water.

Over 96% of the water in the Gaza aquifer is unsafe to consume, forcing Palestinians to buy water at soaring prices.

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