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Qatar imposes $275,000 fine on sale of goods violating Islamic values ​​– Middle East Monitor

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), Qatari traders can face up to $274,650 (million Qatari Riyals) if they are found selling or displaying goods deemed not to comply with Islamic values. may face fines of

Other forms of punishment may include administrative closure for three months or revocation of commercial license.

A circular to suppliers and merchants was posted on Twitter by MOCI on Tuesday, an announcement calling on businesses to “not display goods, images, visual or audio materials that violate Islamic values, public order, customs and traditions.” was served.

The circular cited Article 2(4) of Law No. 8 of 2008 on Consumer Protection, which provides for the “right to respect religious values, customs and traditions.”

The ministry also asked consumers to report products bearing slogans or designs that violate customs and traditions and identify their locations so that ministry inspectors can take necessary action.

December MOCI announced “Children’s toys with slogans contrary to Islamic values ​​have been confiscated,” he tweeted, accompanied by an image of a rainbow pop-it.

A similar move was made by authorities in neighboring Saudi Arabia in June. seized Many rainbow-colored toys and children’s clothing because they promote homosexuality.

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220818-qatar-imposes-275000-fine-for-selling-goods-that-violate-islamic-values/ Qatar imposes $275,000 fine on sale of goods violating Islamic values ​​– Middle East Monitor

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