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Qatar mourns the death of former sports chief-Doha News

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Thani has played a variety of sports roles, including chairman of the Football Federation and the Olympic Committee.

People throughout Qatar mourn the death of celebrity Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah al Tani, who died on Monday.

During his life, Altani had a great influence on the development of Qatar’s sport and served his country with various public abilities.

The news of his death was released by Amiri Diwan, who gave details of the funeral of a former local chess champion in a statement released on Monday night.

“May God have mercy on the deceased, put him in Janna (paradise), and give patience and comfort to his family and loved ones. We belong to God, we belong to God. We return. “I will come,” Diwan said in the statement.


In his role, Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid served as President of the Qatar Olympic Commission, President of the National Football Association, and President of the Qatar Chess Federation.

Altani became chairman of the Qatar Olympic Committee in 1991, and under his leadership, Qatar won the first Olympic medal at the 1992 Barcelona Games. This was also the first time a Gulf athlete was on the podium.

The Qatar Olympic Committee said, “In the history of the Qatar Olympic Committee, we would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and the Olympic and sports families for the death of Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamad al-Tani. “. Tweet.

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In another tweet, Sheikh Joan bin Hamad al-Tani, the current chairman of the Qatar Olympic Committee, expressed his heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s family.

“The Qatar Olympic and Sports family lost one of its founders due to the death of His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamad al-Tani, the former president of the Qatar Olympic Committee. May have mercy, “he said.

During his tenure as President of the Football Association, which began in 1988, Qatar won the 11th Arabian Gulf Cup.This victory paved the way for the team Al Anabi Under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed, Qatar struggled to approach the 1990 World Cup qualifying and missed North Korea slightly in the final qualifying to achieve future titles and build their success. Did.

The Qatar Football Association expressed its condolences through its Twitter account in commemoration of the former president.

“The Qatar Football Association expresses its heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the family and relatives of the late Qatar Football Association’s former president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah al-Tani. I will do it, “read the tweet.

“We ask Almighty God to accept the deceased in the vastness of his mercy and take him to heaven.”

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