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Qatar Museum introduces the history of national pearls in New York-Doha News

The Qatari Museum held a historic showcase of the Qatari artist project “Pearl of Wonder”.

The Qatari Museum successfully completes the “Pearls of Wonder”, a fascinating digital art exhibition navigating the history of Qatari pearls by representing several projects selected by Qatari artists. Did.

The exhibition was held at the Lavan 541 Art Space in New York from December 14th to 19th, under the supervision of Dr. Baha Abdaya, a contemporary art curator at the Qatar Museum of Art. This exhibition was part of the Qatar-US 2021 cultural exchange aimed at strengthening and expanding the cultural and traditional understanding of both countries.

Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, Bubbles & Pearls Virtual Reality Experience, 2021

Five Qatar artists attended the exhibition, exhibiting their informative and imaginative works in the history of Qatar being one of the largest pearl producers in the world. This era was important because it helped shape modern Qatar. The artists were able to successfully take a foreign audience to travel through the era of pearl production in the Gulf countries, explaining the economic history and links to growth in the wider region.

Artists Maryam Al-Homaid, Alanoud Al-Buainain, Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, May Al-Mannai and Saida Al-Khulaif have put together an exhibition through different and unique works of art. All five are graduates of the fire department of the Qatar Museum of Art, a contemporary art space that supports creativity through the Arts in Residence program.

Regarding this program, Dr. Abdaya said: “As a curator of the Fire Department’s Artist-in-Residence Program, I am very pleased that young and emerging artists from Qatar discover and contribute to their voice through art. In a fast-growing cultural landscape.”

Maryam Al-Homaid, Deep Sea Story Song, Code Generation Video, Photograph, 2021

The works produced have different perceptions and views of how the history of pearl luster influenced these young artists in a unique way, and how it shaped Qatari society in their view. Reflects.

The exhibition will include “Bubbles & Pearls” by Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, showing the process of pearl harvesting and how it evolved in an interactive way, with spectators experiencing the process and pearl collectors experiencing it. I made it possible to better understand the physical risks that I have taken. He also introduced Mariam Alhomed’s projection-based installation to revive the rediscovered archived photographs of the pearl-picking process, demonstrating the moving effects of a pearl-picking boat as a rocking ocean wave.

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