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Qatar National Library highlights regional literary history-Doha News

This month, the Qatar National Library (QNL) will host a series of events highlighting the importance of literature in the Arab world.

QNL will hold an event in January this year to explore the history of writing and literature in the Arab world with the aim of connecting young readers with past generations through a series of workshops, lectures and community forums that will continue until the end of the month. ..

On Sunday, Dr. Nourediine Al Hamidi, a professor at the University of Kadiayado in Morocco, gave a lecture on the history libraries of the Islamic world, what they contain, their destiny, and their misfortunes. On January 15th, children are invited to join a teacher at Ibn Taymiyah Junior High School to learn and discuss the importance of reading and how it affects their personal lives and careers.

The French Embassy in Qatar’s Cultural Services will attend an event on January 18th with QNL and the French Institute to announce “Afkar: A Rethinking of Arts and Philosophy from the Middle East to the West”. At this event, experts expected to discuss and discuss the differences between the Middle East and Europe through the concept of “relocation of research”, which is believed to contribute to the Arab-Islamic thinking process in European intellectual modernity. Will be greeted.

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Towards the end of the month, literary fanatics will be able to explore several webins that revolve around Arab-American literature and its influence. These webins include “Arab-American Literature Novels and Poetry” discussed by award-winning authors Helen Zugaib, George Abraham, and Sarah Gualtieri.

Graduate researchers will join the Library’s Science Majlis on January 29 to provide support, tips and advice for advancing their academic journey.

QNL will conclude the month with an exhibition exploring “Arab Immigrants in the United States: The Pursuit of the American Dream.” This exhibition explores the journey of Arab immigrants and the cultural conflicts they faced.

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