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Qatar opens a large state-of-the-art diabetes center to fight illness-Doha News

An estimated 10% of Qatar’s total deaths Diabetes..

Qatar will soon launch one of the largest and most technologically advanced dialysis. Diabetes Center To accommodate More patients And to provide them with outstanding service, the Ministry of Health announced.

The AlWaab Dialysis and Diabetes Center is equipped with the latest medical technology and the ability to treat approximately 90 patients at the same time, ensuring better care and higher service for the community.

“The establishment of the AlWaab Dialysis and Diabetes Center will facilitate HMC’s efforts to provide the best medical services to citizens and residents, which will improve the quality level of diabetes and diabetes services,” HMC said. Medical Facility Development Officer and Deputy Chief Business Services of Hamad said. Nacelle Al Harifa.

Leading facilities include 78 dialysis units, 2 VIP units, and 3 peritoneal dialysis units, in addition to mobile clinics.

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Built as a charitable donation by Abnaa Mohammed Al Mana Real Estate and managed by the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the center will be built using cutting-edge materials and technology for hotel-like design.

“While adopting the highest standards of quality, we are confident that this will be one of the country’s leading health centers,” said Abdullah bin Hamad Almana, CEO of Almana Real Estate.

“With the latest international medical technology for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and diabetes, the emergency department is equipped with important medical equipment and equipment.”

The center’s design reflects Qatar’s culture and has a “healing atmosphere,” officials added, saying the facility will also be built according to green building and sustainability standards.

“Sustainability is a major consideration in the design process. The design incorporates green architecture technology to create a harmonious community of patients, staff, visitors, and waste management. Sustainability is a major concern when planning a flow, “said officials.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body’s blood sugar, also known as blood sugar, is too high. Normally, when it occurs, the brain signals the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin acts as the key to getting blood sugar into your body’s cells for use as energy.

People with diabetes do not make enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or somatic cells do not respond to the available insulin (type 2 diabetes).

Without enough insulin, blood sugar levels stay in the body’s bloodstream and can cause serious health problems over time, such as heart disease, loss of vision, and kidney disease.

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Clinical trial report Earlier this week, I showed the Type 1 method for the first time in history. Diabetic patients New treatments have given hope to millions of people around the world who may soon be able to cure their illness and lead a normal life.

The clinical trial will continue for five years and will attempt to treat about 17 other people with severe cases of type 1 diabetes.

If considered successful, this study will give more than 9 million people around the world suffering from this disease the opportunity to make a big difference in their lives.

Will this new technology cure diabetes within 5 years?

Is this disease a threat to Qatar?

Because diabetics are one of the greatest medical threats in the country, health authorities are taking significant steps to ensure that diabetics are provided with adequate medical care.

According to recent statistics from the International Diabetes Federation, about 20% of the adult population in Qatar suffers from diabetes, which can have significant health consequences if not monitored and treated accordingly.

In addition, an estimated 10% of Qatar’s total deaths Diabetes..

As a result, several awareness campaigns have been launched at schools across the country as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Computing Institute (QCRI) at Hamad bin Khalifa University of the Qatar Foundation is also working on early prevention and management of diabetes using AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

And now, the Gulf countries have taken a major step by advancing plans to open one of the largest and most technologically advanced dialysis and diabetes centers.

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