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Qatar President Algeria: Where are the two states looking at each other? -Doha News

Doha and Algiers do not agree with Syria as much as Libya, while their economic ties have expanded significantly.

At the invitation of Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Altani, Algerian President Abdel Majid Theboon will start February 19 to promote strong bilateral cooperation, discuss and attend regional politics. Start a two-day visit to. 6th Summit Head of State and Government Leaders of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF).

The relationship between Qatar and Algeria has been amicable for the past decade. Focusing on expanding and strengthening bilateral relations, the two countries have consistently pursued means of economic, political and diplomatic cooperation. The regional Arab and international conflicts that have increased over the last decade are “Same viewFurther develop a wide range of coordination measures for many issues.

Sheikh Tamim has both since President Teboon took office in 2019 visited With Algeria received Doha’s Algerian diplomatic delegation. Meetings typically explore common areas of collaboration and partnership. At the latest meeting between the two, Qatar confirmed that hope “Promote a bilateral strategic partnership between the two countries and serve the common objectives and interests of the Arab countries.”

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Economic trade

Economic cooperation was a major aspect of strengthening relations between the two countries. Last November, the Algerian Ambassador to Qatar Musta Fabtura hosted the Qatar Envoy at the Qatar Embassy. Official reception Celebrate the 67th anniversary of the Algerian Revolution. The success of economic cooperation was particularly emphasized as discussions proceeded on diverse investment plans and widespread economic development.

Since 2013, Qatar has invested more than $ 2 billion in co-founding an Algerian Qatar Steel (AQS) company in a North African country. Since then, AQS has played an important role in the national and regional steel industry, with a production capacity of 400 million people. Tons of steel.In addition to Qatar Ooredoo’s success Qatar also in Algeria’s telecommunications sector Invested In domestic agriculture, tourism, real estate, finance and other industries.

In Qatar, an estimated 115 Qatar-Algerian joint ventures are functioning in 2018, steadily increasing the Algerian workforce in various sectors of the Qatar economy.While guaranteed by the Qatar envoy Their intention “Signing an agreement that truly expresses the desires of both sides in the field of bilateral cooperation,” Butura also emphasized the embassy’s priority on double joint investment between the two countries.

Energy related

As a major gas producer and active member of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the relationship between Qatar and Algeria Interest in energy..

Given the changes in the global energy environment over time and the growing influence of global competitors such as Russia and Iran, building and maintaining energy alliances is essential to ensuring the energy interests of each country. am.

For Qatar, Algeria is a companion to gas-producing countries, demonstrating its position as a credible strategic regional actor with a promising economy and relatively Arab political stability. In 2013, both states Cooperation agreement On oil and gas, we have been working closely since then, alongside seven other partnership agreements in the fields of energy, industry and mining.

Political influence of the region

In Libya, Qatar and Algeria are looking to deal with the ongoing civil war.

Both Qatar and Algeria have supported the United Nations-recognized Libyan National Agreement (GNA) against the Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar and his rebellious campaign with the support of the United Arab Emirates and Russia. I was able to play Effective role In mediating between multiple foreign parties, securing and stabilizing the country, and in bringing about a political transition that reflects the will of the Libyan people while preserving the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

Algeria was now able to focus on promotion, as the fear of conflict spillover was minimized. Economic partnership With the establishment of the Algeria-Libya Economic Forum in May 2021 to promote business and trade cooperation between the two countries, its neighbors have recovered.

Both Qatar and Algeria are consistent in their dedication to supporting Libya’s unity, stability and empowerment.

Qatar repeatedly refuses to normalize under the Assad regime

But in the case of Syria, the two countries have not fully agreed on a long-term approach to conflict.

Since the early days of the war in Syria, Qatar has been Principle policy He has supported local opposition to freedom and justice, and has supported Syria’s suspension from the Arab League. Algeria, on the other hand, was one of the few Arab countries. Opposed External interference with Syria’s alienation and its “domestic affairs”.

Algeria has been enthusiastic recently Asked for the return of Syria Attending the Arab League and the Arab Summit in March 2022.In response, Qatar Explicit refusal Normalize relations with the Assad regime and opposition to Syria’s return to the league.

With Upcoming Arab Summit Hosted by Algeria this year, many are waiting to observe the development of a significant Arab dilemma.

Mahjoob Zweiri Director, Gulf Research Center, Qatar University.He can be found in @mzweiri..

Leen Al-Rabbat I am a research assistant at the Qatar University Gulf Research Center.

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