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Qatar Prevents Syria’s Return to Arab League: Syrian Officials-Doha News

The Gulf countries have repeatedly refused to normalize under the Bashar al-Assad administration.

According to a report from Lebanon based in Lebanon, Qatar is one of many countries hindering Syria’s participation in the Arab League, said Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar Jaafari. Armaya Dean on Wednesday.

“Undoubtedly, Qatar is blocking Damascus’s participation in the Arab League meetings,” Jaafari said, saying that the majority of Arab countries are in favor of Syria’s return.

Syrian authorities have said that the countries that are preventing Syria from returning to the block, “Western proceedings” Without further clarification.

Syrian membership was suspended at the height of the Arab spring 2011 After members gave the Al-Assad administration a deadline to stop cracking down on peaceful protesters and demanded the resignation of the Syrian president.

Lead mediator Qatar intervenes to find war-torn Syrian political resolutions

Despite the violent human rights abuses that have been committed against members of the opposition, the conflict has continued for more than a decade as Assad continues to seize power.

“We did not leave the Arab League because we are one of the founding countries,” said Jaafari, adding that Syria “does not accept the conditions for attending the conference.” ..

Jaafari’s comment is in a report that Algeria, the organizer of the next Arab League meeting, is working to bring the Assad regime back to the block after membership is suspended.

In response to these allegations earlier this month, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Tani said the cause behind the removal of Syria’s membership remains, “to reach a political solution. He reiterated that he could not achieve it without taking a “significant step toward”.

“I don’t think we are in a position to allow [the Syrian regime] To come to the Arab League, “FM said. Joint presser With his Turkish corresponding Mebrut Chabsoguru.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister reiterated Sheikh Mohammed’s feelings, saying he believed that by returning Syria to the league, he would “incorporate it to continue the invasion.”

Qatar has been Call openly For Assad to resign from the beginning of the 2011 uprising.

Meanwhile, some Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, appear to be coordinating foreign policy with the Assad regime in recent months.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan was in Syria last month There he met President Assad. Al-Nayhan was the most senior official in the United Arab Emirates.

of OctoberKing Abdullah II of Jordan received a call from Assad for the first time in ten years after Amman opened the border with Syria and promoted economic cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the United States imposed the strictest economic sanctions on the Assad administration last year. “Caesar method” It is intended for companies, individuals and government agencies dealing with the Syrian government.

The wife of Syrian President Asma al-Assad is one of the people licensed by the United States and was described by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “one of Syria’s most notorious war beneficiaries.” rice field.

by United NationsThe Syrian conflict has killed 350,000 civilians in the last decade.

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