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Qatar renews support for Syria’s political resolution-Doha News

The Gulf countries have explicitly refused to normalize with the Bashar al-Assad regime and oppose the return to the Arab League as long as they continue to commit war crimes against civilians.

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Altani held his country’s political resolution in Syria at a meeting with various Syrian opposition officials in Doha on Sunday. Repeated support.

One of such During a meeting with Syrian opposition president Ahmad al-Assi al-Jarba, the front-line president of peace and freedom, Sheikh Mohammed “reaches a comprehensive ceasefire” in a war-torn country. He emphasized the importance of that.

Qatar’s foreign minister said the ceasefire would help promote the coveted humanitarian access to Syria.

Qatar Prevents Syria’s Return to Arab League: Syrian Officials

At another meeting, Qatar’s diplomats, with President of the National Union of the Syrian Revolution and Opposition Union, Salem Al Meslet, and President of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), Anas Abda, of the war-torn country. Discussed the latest developments.

“”[Qatar’s foreign minister] He emphasized Qatar’s position that there must be a political solution in accordance with the full implementation of the Geneva 1 Declaration and Security Council Resolution 2254. ” Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar (MOFA)..

The meeting will take place in the absence of international action on Syria’s current humanitarian and political situation, and with little or no progress in the files of detainees trapped behind the bar by the Assad regime.

“The humanitarian situation of the Syrian people is intolerable at all levels … Syrian opponents are now being encouraged to think of ways to tackle this,” said Mutasem Shofi, Managing Director of the Day After Association. Said. Doha News..

Syoufi also emphasized the importance of having a comprehensive national framework that can address all legal, humanitarian, political and civil issues related to the Syrian situation.

Qatar has repeatedly emphasized the importance of reaching a political resolution in Syria. This will provide an environment in which refugees can return safely while holding responsibility for the perpetrators of war crimes in Damascus.

In March 2021, Qatar, Turkey and Russia announced the start of a “trilateral consultation process” to end the decade-long conflict in Syria. This announcement was made after a conference held in Doha to break the current deadlock.

Normalization by the Assad administration

As long as Qatar continues to attack Syrian civilians, it will continue to refuse to normalize with the Assad regime, so the latest conference will come.

Qatar openly Calling Assad was the first Arab country to resign from the beginning of the 2011 uprising and close the embassy in Damascus. This move was later reproduced by other countries.

The Gulf countries have long expressed opposition to Syria’s return to the Arab League after being suspended in the height of the Arab Spring.

The suspension came after the Assad administration urged the crackdown on peaceful protesters who demanded the resignation of the president to stop in time for the deadline given by the members of the block.

For more than a decade, Syria has been tackling the humanitarian crisis. The Assad administration is in power despite being involved in ongoing serious human rights abuses such as torture and enforced disappearances of detainees.

by United NationsThe war in Syria has killed 350,000 civilians in the last decade.

Meanwhile, Algeria, the organizer of the upcoming Arab League conference, is reportedly working to bring Syria back into the block.

However, Sheikh Mohammed had previously denied Qatar’s willingness to regain Syria’s membership, and the cause behind the suspension remains, and reestablishing relations with Damascus is what Damascus said “politics.” It cannot happen without taking a “significant step to reach a solution”.

“I don’t think we are in a position to allow [the Syrian regime] To come to the Arab League, “FM said. Joint presser With his Turkish counterpart, Mebrut Chabsoguru, on December 6, 2021.

This is all because last year some Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, seem to be coordinating foreign policy with the Assad regime.

Foreign policy shifts were seen when Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan visited Syria. November 2021There he met Assad. He will visit the country in a few years with Arnaihan as the top UAE executive.

In addition, King Abdullah II of Jordan received a call from Assad for the first time in ten years. October, After Amman opened the border with Syria to support economic cooperation between the two countries.

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