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Qatar, Turkey and Afghanistan “Intensive Negotiations”-Doha News

The Qatar and Turkish teams were able to resume civilian activities at Kabul’s airport in a timely manner after the Taliban took over the capital of Afghanistan.

A delegation from Kabul and Turkey held an “intensive talk” with the interim Taliban-led government on Wednesday over the management of Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan.

The conference was held for the first time since a delegation from Qatar and Turkey visited Kabul last December to discuss the operation of various airports in the country with Afghan officials.

according to Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)The delegation discussed the management of Kabul International Airport in Kabul and agreed to hold a new meeting in Doha next week.

The Qatar delegation was led by Dr. Mutrac bin Majed Alcatani, a special envoy of the Gulf countries for counterterrorism and mediation in conflict resolution.

The Qahtanites discussed issues with airport operations with the Afghan deputy minister. Interior Sirajuddin Haqqani..

Trilateral talks will take place months after the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country was completed on August 31 and the technical teams in Doha and Ankara succeeded in facilitating the resumption of civilian flights at Kabul’s airport. I will.

The Qatar and Turkish teams were able to get the airport up and running in a short period of time, resuming civilian operations and hundreds of evacuation flights. Most of it was operated by Qatar Airways, Doha’s national airline.

Qatar and Turkey’Performing the technical part of the airport in Afghanistan’

The First passenger flight He left Kabul, which landed in Qatar on September 9, and carried 113 Afghanistan and foreigners.

Mass evacuation began on August 15, before civilian flights resumed, when the Taliban seized power after a series of rapid territorial acquisitions.

This was followed by a chaotic scene at Kabul International Airport. It was seen that the US military was desperately pushing away civilians to flee the country.

Qatar carried out the largest airlift in history at the time, encouraging Afghanistan and foreigners to leave the country safely. Since then, Gulf countries have evacuated at least 70,000 Afghanistan and aliens in the past few months.

Qatar’s diplomatic efforts

Some members remained despite the collapse of the former Afghan government after then-President Ashraf Ghani fled the country the moment the militants arrived in the suburbs of Kabul.

Hamid Karzai, the predecessor of the crab, and Abdullah Abdullah, the former chairman of the High Council for Reconciliation of the Afghan Government, remained in the country.

Apart from the Taliban, Qatar maintained a dialogue between Karzai and Abdullah.

More recently, Arcatani met Abdullah in Kabul, where they discussed the latest developments in the country. The latter also thanked Qatar.For peace efforts and continued support for people Afghanistan “, as Abdullah Tweet Abdullah on Wednesday.

Even before the collapse of the Crab administration, Qatar has played an important diplomatic role for many years by facilitating direct negotiations between the United States, the Taliban and the former Afghan government.

In September 2020, Qatar hosted intra-Afghan talks, during which time the former Afghan government and Taliban members were taken to the same table to negotiate a political agreement.

The talks were seen as a major positive move in the Afghanistan peace process, but no major progress was made.

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