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Qatar University students visit commercial banks as part of their internship program

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Commercial Bank has worked with DotSpace Agency to accept eight Qatar students from Qatar University as part of its summer internship program.
“Corporate social responsibility is a concept and practice, commercial banks have been part of the commercial banking approach for many years, and banks are comprehensive, whether or not through their long-standing commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030. We have been working on a meaningful corporate social responsibility program, or have it been incorporated into our corporate strategic plan launched in 2016. ”
Through this initiative, students enrolled in the Faculty of Business Economics, who specialize in marketing, enjoyed a field trip to the CB Plaza grounds, where they had the opportunity to experience a day with members of the marketing and communications team. The workflow between the marketing department and all other business units of the bank, and the preparation process for marketing campaigns, and the relationship between the bank and the corresponding agency to support all communications processed internally and externally. And collaboration.
Hussein Arial Abdullah, Executive General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of CB Premium Banking at Commercial Bank, said: Yet another integral part of the World Bank’s corporate strategy. Student visits to banks draw them into the work environment and provide insights into what is happening on real working days and how they move from theoretical practice to professional practice. Is part of.
This visit is a commercial bank that supports students’ self-development and transition to the workplace by supporting and nurturing national talent and equipping students with the skills, abilities and ideas needed to succeed in their careers. Is part of the strategy.
Commercial Bank has been supporting Qatar’s national development by giving back to the wider community through a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program developed and implemented by the bank’s marketing department since its establishment over 47 years ago. I have been working hard. Implement the same process in the future.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/720517/Qatar-University-students-visit-Commercial-Bank-as Qatar University students visit commercial banks as part of their internship program

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