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Qatar “welcomes” hosting talks between Iran and the United States to revive nuclear deals-Doha News

The talks in Qatar could be the last opportunity for Iran and the United States to save the groundbreaking JCPOA.

Qatar said it welcomes a round of indirect negotiations between Iran and the United States in Doha this Tuesday.

The talks, under the coordination of the European Union, sought to break the months’ deadlock in negotiations to ensure the resurgence of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs A statement released on Tuesday “reaffirms Qatar’s full readiness to provide an environment that helps all parties to have a successful dialogue.”

Doha expressed hope that indirect negotiations will continue with positive consequences that will contribute to the restoration of the agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Such breakthroughs will help “support and strengthen regional security, stability and peace, and open up new perspectives for broader regional cooperation and dialogue with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the statement said. ..

On Sunday, Mohammad Marandi, an adviser to the Iranian delegation to the nuclear deal, said the transfer of negotiations from Vienna to Qatar was due to being a “friendly country.”Al Araby Al Jade report.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Chief Negotiator Ali Bageri Kani, who leads the negotiation team, arrived in Doha on Tuesday, where he was greeted by Iran’s Special Envoy Doha Hamidreza Degani.

Iran’s Special Envoy Robert Murray met with Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Tani to discuss joint diplomatic efforts to “address Iran’s problems.” US Embassy Said in Qatar.

Both Iranian and Western media reports show that Bageri Crab and Marie meet separately with Qatar’s Foreign Minister.

before MondayThe Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the talks will focus on the issue of removing “anti-Iran” sanctions, which has remained unresolved since the Vienna summit.

The ministry also said that future discussions would be held indirectly with the United States, “nothing will be added or reduced from what has already been agreed in Vienna.” Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said.

Tehran has always maintained the position that the agreement to revive the 2015 transaction should result in the complete elimination of sanctions in a verifiable order.

The decisive benefit from JCPOA for Iran is that the economic benefits promised under the original agreement are guaranteed during negotiations, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirdrahian. Said..

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns of further delays and lack of progress in diplomatic involvement to get JCPOA back on track in a report on the implementation of Security Council resolution 2231, achieving a compromise between Teheran and Washington. Encouraged to be more flexible in doing so. Based on open issues.

“I again urge the United States to lift or exempt sanctions as outlined in the plan and extend the exemption on oil trade with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Guterres said, requesting Tehran to return it. ..According to the full implementation of JCPOA IRNA..

The US State Department said Iran needs to decide to withdraw additional demands beyond the nuclear deal. Reuters report.

Dr. Tritaparsi, executive vice president of the US think tank Quincy Institute, told Doha News that “in effect, the two are still far apart,” adding that new negotiations are nearly impossible to resume. rice field. A quick way “But it’s important to keep diplomacy alive.”

“Iranians may need to reduce some of their questions, but the US side also needs to show much greater political courage and determination if they want to see the JCPOA updated. There is, “added Dr. Parsis.

The news came two days after EU foreign policy director Josep Borrell visited Tehran to meet with Iran’s foreign minister and announced the immediate resumption of deadlocked negotiations since March.

Stagnant nuclear negotiations

After 11 months of indirect dialogue between Tehran and the Joe Biden administration, negotiations appear to have almost ended in March when the EU requested a foreign minister representing the parties to the agreement in Vienna to conclude an agreement. rice field.

However, negotiations were subsequently suspended. Teheran has demanded that Washington remove its elite paramilitary organization, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), from the list of infamous US foreign terrorist organizations that joined the organization in April 2019 under the former Trump administration.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday that “nothing will be agreed until everything is agreed.”

The rekindling of negotiations leaves geopolitical problems as “Europe’s instability after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is one of the factors that raise global energy prices,” said Zaid Al Hamdan of political consultant group Armasite Group. The chairman said. Doha News.

“It is also important to look at the internal situation of the United States, where the administration is facing the Cold War in Asia and is fed up with China’s growing power. [Republican Party]”He added.

Al Hamdan argues that these factors further influence the pressure points that drive the United States into a foreign policy shift, indicating that “there is less resistance to dealing with countries like Iran and Venezuela.” did.

“It is a well-known fact that Qatar is already playing a role in mediation between the Iranian and US governments. The resurgence of the nuclear agreement will be an important step towards stabilizing the Middle East and stabilizing energy prices. This is the victory that the US government really needs. “

https://dohanews.co/qatar-welcomes-hosting-of-iran-us-talks-to-revive-nuclear-deal/ Qatar “welcomes” hosting talks between Iran and the United States to revive nuclear deals-Doha News

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