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Qatari authorities seize toys that are considered “violating Islamic values”-Doha News

There is a lot of online debate over the latest controversy surrounding Qatar and LGBQT +.

Social media users responded in various ways after authorities announced the seizure of toys to “slogan against Islamic values” in a clear reference to products that are considered to promote the LGBTQ agenda. I did.

Authorities pointed out on Monday that many toys had been confiscated in an inspection campaign initiated by the Qatar Ministry of Commerce and Industry, pointing out images of iridescent popits that have recently become popular with children.

“MOCI QATAR has conducted inspection campaigns at several retail stores in different regions throughout #Qatar. As a result of the campaign, several violations, including the confiscation of children’s toys with slogans contrary to Islamic values. Was confiscated and released, “the ministry said in a statement. Image of a popular rainbow-colored fidgety toy.

Saving Quote The latest law stipulates that “the practice of commercial activities and the distribution of goods and services must be carried out while respecting the values ​​of Islam and adhering to the customs and traditions of the Cathartic society.”

Authorities have asked the public to report that “all goods with logos or designs that are contrary to customs or traditions will be located so that ministry inspectors can take the necessary steps.”

The news responded in various ways on social media, praising authorities for cracking down on symbols that some people mocked and others saw as violating national norms and culture.

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“Well done government. People need to respect the rules of this country,” commented one Instagram user, “yes, this is the right path.”

Another user, on the other hand, described this move as “illogical.”

“It is unreasonable to withdraw such a product and publish it as a violation to give it a rainbow color,” said social media users. “The LGBTQ community has more than 21 official flags in different shapes and colors. There is a more rational way to deal with this issue.”

“If you take all these products out of the market, you won’t be able to find clothes to wear,” he added some flags to the tweet.

Then, in several re-shared comments online, one asked if the popular condensed milk company “Rainbow”, whose logo is clearly visible on the can, would take such action. I did.

On Instagram, a person noticed a priority other than the rainbow.

“There are more important issues that should be related to the government than the color of the LGTBQ flag. There are some children’s toys like cars and guns that promote Israeli songs,” he argued.

“It’s a rainbow. One person ridiculed and asked,” What if it rains and a rainbow appears in the sky? ” Will they grab it too? “

“They are supposed to grab not only iridescent but also thought-provoking items, which only makes non-Muslims misunderstand Islamic values,” said another Instagram user. Added.

Some say, “These are sensory toys for kids and need to appear in all shapes, sizes and colors. Linking these toys is harmful by certain people. What is believed to be is very pointless. “

Qatar officials have addressed several concerns about the country’s LGBQT issues.

Recently, Qatar official Nacelle al-Hatal said in an interview with CNN that Qatar was a welcoming country, saying, “No one feels threatened here, no one feels dangerous here. I haven’t. “

“Listen, the expression of affection is frowned upon, and it goes all-out-all,” officials said, emphasizing that this also extends to homosexuals and couples.

“Qatar is a humble country. That’s all we need to respect. Other than that, everyone is free to live their lives.

“they [gay people] You will come to Qatar as a fan of soccer tournaments. They can do whatever other humans do. What I am saying is that Qatar is conservative in terms of the element of affection. “

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