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Qatar’s Cabinet Condemns Israel for Continued Violations of International Law-Doha News

Doha states that the increase in Israeli violations of international law in occupied Palestine is a “dangerous development.”

The Qatari cabinet has condemned the continued expansion of Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian and Syrian Golan Heights. This violates international law and numerous UN resolutions.

The Ministerial Meeting met on Wednesday at Amiri Diwan, chaired by Qatar’s Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Tani.

The Cabinet responds to Israel’s latest decision to expand illegal settlements on the occupied Golan Heights and the Zionist state’s decision to build another 1,300 units on the stolen Arab land on the occupied west coast. did.

The Qatari government described the announcement of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday and the intensification of occupying and militia attacks on Palestinians as a “dangerous development.”

“The Cabinet protects the Palestinian people, suspends reconciliation, and independence against the Government of Israel with the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, and the Arab Peace Initiative, and the end of Israeli occupation and June 4, 1967. It borders East Jerusalem as its capital, based on a two-state solution that would lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state, “said the Minister. ‘Statement.

Qatar’s criticism comes after Israel has announced plans to double the number of settlers living in the Golan Heights annexed by Israel.

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In a statement released on Monday, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: crime. “

The state-owned SANA news agency said Damascus is trying to use all legal means to free its territory from Israeli occupiers.

of Occupied Palestine, Israeli settlers have made brutal attacks on Palestinians living in various villages.

In Qatar, journalists and activists have sought to immediately stop the latest wave of settler-led violence and have made the issue prevalent on social media platforms.

Recently, Qatar’s prominent journalist Jaber Al-Harami has seen former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a house built on land stolen from a Palestinian family during the 1948 Nakuba (catastrophe). I shared a video showing if I live in.

“They stole Palestine and desecrated the sanctuary, but sooner or later that day will come and justice will be offered,” Al Harami said in a tweet on Wednesday.

“Palestine cannot be divided.”

For over 70 years, Palestinians have witnessed their own ethnic cleansing that Israel continues to give way for Jewish settlers from abroad.

Qatar, unlike other countries in the region, has continued to solidarity with the occupied Palestinians and refused to normalize.

Foreign Minister Lolwah Al Khater recently called on world leaders to take action to prevent the illegal occupation of Israel as part of a 2022 New Year’s resolution.

Qatar’s official comment is a marked silence by the international community on the suffering of the Palestinians as the Zionist state continues to act unpunished without taking explicit action to end the illegal occupation. It was issued inside.

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