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Qatar’s domestic excursion, held under strict safety protocols, says travel industry executives

According to travel agency executives, tourists arriving in Qatar by cruise ship will take excursions to various destinations in the country, but under strict health and safety protocols.

“The cruise season began under a very strict protocol by the Qatar Tourism Authority. It’s very exciting to see a big ship returning to Doha,” Rehan Ali Syed, CEO of the Tawfeeq Travel Group, told the Gulf Times. I did.
Syed said cruise passengers arriving in Qatar have a wide selection of destinations to visit while visiting the country. He said all tourism-related activities in Qatar are “on schedule” in the wake of the success of the FIFA Arab Cup 2021.
“In addition to national attractions such as the National Museum of Qatar, the Al-Shakab Riding Center and the traditional Soukwakiv Tour, there are several other activities such as the Turkish Super Cup Final, Adventure Trip to Purple Island, Doha Quest Indoor Theme Park and more. , Among other things. Tawfeeq Holidays offers 19 different tours to cruise passengers, “he explained.
According to the Qatar Tourism Authority website, the highlights of the 2021-22 cruise season will be a total of 65 confirmed calls, 9 cases where Doha Port docks 2 ships at a time, 11 ships. Cruise ships include virgin voyages, 11 turnaround voyages, and 9 ships. A ship that stays overnight at Doha Port. ”
“This gives cruise visitors ample time to explore destination travel, hospitality and retail promotions during the season. Turnaround voyages travel from Doha Port during the cruise season. It will start and end. “
When asked if the travel agency would work with health authorities to ensure that staff were fully vaccinated, Syed said, “All staff are vaccinated because health and safety are paramount. So we are all connected to MoPH in some way. “
He states: “The head office is heavily clouded every week and the branches are regularly sprayed with disinfectants. In fact, we are doing ground handling on some cruise ships, so vaccinated passengers. Except for, completely disinfect the bag before loading it on a cruise ship to minimize all types of virus infection. “
Saeed further said: “All passengers on or calling on a cruise have very strict rules. Cruise ships are aware of the rules in advance to ensure seamless operation, although they are participating from Qatar. Passengers who have not been vaccinated and have not undergone proper PCR testing cannot participate in the cruise. The same protocol applies to passengers arriving from the cruise at the port of call. He or she is negative. You need to be vaccinated with a PCR test. “
The Qatar Tourism Authority website said, “Cruise tourism has stopped due to a pandemic and ended by the end of February 2020. To alleviate concerns, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has issued a special for travelers arriving and departing. Introduced a new protocol. Cruise ship Qatar. “

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707295/Domestic-excursions-in-Qatar-held-under-strict-saf Qatar’s domestic excursion, held under strict safety protocols, says travel industry executives

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