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Qatar’s generosity, human support for migration deserves recognition

Jose Benzaken / Ambassador of Peru

Human movement, by definition, is the movement of humans from one place in the world to another. Where a sense of discovery and curiosity appears in an individual’s mind.
Since adaptation to change, Homo sapiens must provide by this planet by changing habitats and establishing itself in better places for hundreds or thousands of years, primarily for coexistence. I exposed myself to something that wasn’t.
This transfer, usually done by family groups, had the basic purpose of exploring destinations where products were readily available for them to survive. As a hunter at the first stage as a collector and at other stages. Humans (Sapiens) were nomads and always wanted to be near rivers and lands with water sources (wells – bir almaa).
But in today’s society, and over time, migration becomes a more violent phenomenon, especially in the last few decades of our time.
There are greater developments, greater opportunities and better places of life for migrants and their families. There are two forms of this migration.
It is understood as immigrants, leaving the country of origin. And immigrants, opposition; entry into another country, called the host country, characterized by abandoning their place of residence.
This transfer occurs for voluntary or compulsory reasons if you want to improve your opportunity to search elsewhere. And the second is when the situation becomes unbearable. This migration occurs primarily when domestic or international conflicts occur and their survival is at stake.
In particular, it is worth mentioning work reasons, family unions, and migration for education.
There are cultural aspects (uses, customs, languages) to identify new destinations, but I think the economic aspects are relevant to the present era. Its features can be combined with the complex aspects that accompany living in a place. Later it will become its own over time.
Many migration scholars agree that there is a time for individuals and families to adapt to new destinations assimilated into new societies. And in this line, they believe that a balanced period is a stay of several years.
From the experience of our careers, immigrants look for places to meet their compatriots. By doing so, the assimilation into a new society will be faster, or the permanent life project of returning to the country of origin will be repeated over and over again. ..
Another aspect worth mentioning is the geographic location chosen to look for new homes. Immigrants usually seek proximity to their hometown. This is because the life project will permanently guide you to consider returning at the completion of the life stage set before you leave.
In the current situation, I think the ethnic factors are fading. The positive consequences of immigrant contributions allow us to see the great capitals of countries with multiethnicity and multiculturalism that coexist properly with immigrants. What we can see in this globalized world.
I think the challenge for immigrants themselves is to overcome the inconveniences of the newly chosen way of life. He is the one who has to adapt, and sometimes it is infeasible, but we are strong beings, have all the support that currently exists, our own rights under international agreements, and the United Nations. Has an international organization dedicated to this task, such as the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO).
Regarding the state of Qatar, I had a unique experience in my career of meeting and visualizing immigrants of all kinds and generous people from countless countries. It’s like seeing a small world of different nationalities being welcomed in the best possible way.
This transcendental and long history in Qatar guides migrants to grow as humans and have opportunities, hopes and aspirations in accordance with international law on specific issues of human rights.
A good example of this recognition is that Qatar was elected as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in October 2021 and received 182 votes in three years.
On the other hand, it is important to mention technological advances in communication. It, if so, effectively helps society to be left behind and immigrants to stay with family and friends in some way. Now everything is possible for immigrants. Because we benefit ourselves as an agent to achieve success and as a focus of support for the people we have left in the country.
Like any other activity aimed at the full realization of a person’s goals; work requires effort, patience, dedication, strength, identity, and passion. This will give us what we have proposed. Obviously, not everything is feasible. Because the whole range of this life has transitions, certain barriers, but they pass through and leave a base in our personality.
I think these human movements will enrich our global society. Therefore, countries that are generously embracing immigrants deserve to be acknowledged as being selfless and humanely grateful here and in Qatar, a small but great country.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/708303/Qatar-s-generosity-human-support-for-migration-des Qatar’s generosity, human support for migration deserves recognition

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