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Qatar’s Largest Dairy Company Signs $ 500 Million Contract with Philippines-Doha News

The sealed transaction includes an integrated dairy facility worth $ 500 million.

Balladna, Qatar’s largest dairy and beverage manufacturer, has signed a contract to produce dairy products in the Philippines.

The project is expected to increase local milk production in the Philippines by 120 million liters. This is a big leap from the current 26.71 million liters.

The partnership between the two countries is expected to create more jobs in the Philippines and support economic growth in the Philippines. In addition, we will help the Philippine government level the competition and promote domestic dairy production.

William Dar, Secretary of Agriculture, Philippines, said:

Both Baradna’s Independent Director Aidan Tainan and Philippine Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez attended the signing of the agreement in Dubai.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the host country has already decided on five project locations. The selection of the Balladna team will visit within a few weeks for a site visit.

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At the end of last year, a major dairy company Malaysia Expand to rural areas of the country, where to partner with them to increase dairy production.

Balladna continues to grow and expand domestically and internationally. This was after the well-known GCC diplomatic crisis changed Qatar’s vision and objectives, demonstrating a shift from food importers to growing international exporters. The company owns more than 24,000 Holstein cattle in a 2.6 million square meter facility with 40 state-of-the-art barns. It produces about 450 tonnes of fresh milk and juice products daily and has more than 1,650 employees.

Holsteins born in the Netherlands are known for their high milk yields, but they are low in milk fat and protein compared to other varieties.

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