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Qatar’s long-awaited “Halal Festival” begins on Monday-Doha News

After the interruption by Covid-19 last year, the festival is finally back to excitement Activities For all visitors to enjoy.

Good news for all animals Breeder!! The long-awaited 10th edition of the Halal Qatar Festival will open in Katara on February 21, 2022.

Held in southern Catara, this event provides the public with the opportunity to witness the country’s growing livestock industry and serves as a platform for farmers to display and acquire the best types of livestock.

The six-day festival begins this year after a long outage by Covid-19, which has suspended several activities to ensure the safety of the community. However, the number of cases is steadily decreasing, and due to the huge efforts of vaccination in the country, it is possible to take appropriate measures and hold the event safely, which is more exciting than ever.

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In addition to the host country, several other GCC countries will also participate to show off the beautiful species carefully selected by a professional jury before attending the festival.

The Almazaien activity, called the “Festival Highlights,” involves three types of sheep and goats, including the famous sheep and goats.Al Irab‘,’Al Awarid‘ When ‘Arslyat.. The auction takes place throughout the festival and auctions those specific breeds for those who are looking to buy livestock.

The convention will be held from February 21st to 26th to encourage livestock breeders. According to Salman Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the top five winners will receive a “charming” award.

Al-Naimi said Qatar’s enthusiasm for offering a festival is within its efforts to revive Qatar. Badia Preserve (desert) heritage and related customs and traditions. In this way, future generations will form a realistic picture of the country’s ancient history and desert environment.

Currently, the festival aims to motivate breeders to improve animal production and develop the livestock sector.

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