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Qatar’s Nacelle Al Atya wins Dakar Rally-Doha News

The Dakar Rally is an annual rally race competition that was once held from Paris to Dakar. Due to Mauritania’s security concerns, the event was moved to South America in 2009 and has been held in Saudi Arabia since 2020.

In this year’s rally, competitions of various categories were held from 1 onwards.st-14th January. Qatar’s Nacelle Al Atiya won the car category for the fourth time, and British motorcycle rider Sam Sunderland won the title for the second time.

Al Atiya driving for Toyota has been in pole position since a yearst In January, Qatar drivers won two of the twelve stages in the first week, showing amazing consistency throughout the event, but rivals collapsed prematurely due to navigation errors and mechanical issues.

The four-time champion finished 27 minutes and 46 seconds earlier than second-placed French driver Sebastien Loeb. Third place was Saudi Arabian driver Yazeed Al Rajhi and the Overdrive Toyota team.

The 51-year-old won the Dakar Rally in 2011, 2015 and 2019 at Volkswagen, Mini and Toyota respectively.

Aru Atiya, who won her fourth victory this year, is the second most successful driver in the automotive sector in partnership with Finland’s Ari Vatanen. Only last year’s champion, Stephane Peterhansel, who won six trophies, surpassed it.

“Since I came to Saudi Arabia two years ago, I’ve finished in second place every time, and now I’m really happy to reach my goal,” said Al Atiya.

“I’ve managed the leads since I widened the gap on the first day. We’re really happy. I think we’ll start thinking about the next Dakar in a week or 10 days.”

Gas Gas rider Sam Sunderland has won his second title in the bike category since 2017 and finishes at KTM at Honda and Austria’s Matthias Walker 3 minutes 27 seconds ahead of Chilean rider Pablo Quintanilla. Did.

“Honestly, I can’t be happier anymore. This last stage was very difficult and very stressful,” Sunderland said.

“A lot of navigation, a lot of tricky notes, a few times a little confusing and I don’t know if I’m heading in the right direction. To be honest, my head can explode. It feels good.”

“I didn’t know if I won for the last 10 minutes, but now they told me, and awesome, my dream came true.”

The Dakar Rally began in 1978 as a race from Paris across Sahara to the capital of Senegal, but for safety reasons it switched to South America in 2009.

One of the most dangerous and toughest events in motorsport, the rally moved to Saudi Arabia in 2020 and is now the 44th.

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