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Qatar’s PCR “crisis”, what’s really happening? -Doha News

Long lines and no social distance images and videos in hospitals and clinics across Doha raise concerns as the country is clearly facing the threat of PCR testing amid rising COVID numbers. ..

After a surge in COVID-19 cases in Qatar over the past few days, the country has witnessed a significant delay in PCR testing and results. According to some social media users, booking at a medical center or hospital can now take up to 24 hours, allowing many to cancel their flight or see if they are infected with a virus. It will disappear.

Social media users have expressed pain and anger in the lines formed in front of the hospital. Based on witness accounts and videos posted online Thursday, Sidra Hospital witnessed more than 500 people at some point crammed waiting to take the test.

Witness said Doha News “Some of the people in the line were obviously ill. One boy was vomiting in his mother’s hands and some were coughing constantly. I stayed. I felt it was too dangerous, so I left.

At PHCC’s Rawdet Al Khail center, a line of about 200 people was seen standing from back to front, with no distance between them.

Arrived from America yesterday evening
And Almighty God I was shocked by the traffic
There is no hospital before they give me a simple PCR test
Suffering is so great, I saw confusion and shock

Do you have a systematic plan to spread the corona domestically? This is Sidra’s Corona Testing Center, never far in front of the police !!!!!! If I had any symptoms and went to see the doctor, everyone there would have been normal !!!!!

Almost all centers require people who do not have a reservation to move out, but even those who have made a reservation were told that the results could take up to 36 hours. This is considered redundant if you are planning a trip.

Given the fact that Covid has been around for two years, many have asked online why such a crisis could occur.

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Physicians and key workers take priority tests, but their main job is for general practitioners (GPs) dealing with COVID patients at PHCC clinics. Doha News He had a PCR test on Tuesday and had to wait 48 hours for results.

Criticism of the Ministry of Health’s claim to rely solely on Hamad Medical Corporation’s laboratories to inspect all COVID swabs in Qatar has become a central part of the online debate. PCR tests can be performed in almost any hospital or clinic in Qatar, but they are all sent to HMC facilities and in many cases backlogs are unavoidable.

Will the numbers be added up?

Meanwhile, the official number of daily COVID cases published by the Ministry of Public Health has been questioned. It was announced on Thursday that 542 new cases were enrolled in Qatar, but many were based on the thousands of people lining up for PCR testing and the significant delay in issuing results. People believe that the actual number is much higher.

By God, I doubt that number. Go to the Rawdat Al-Khail Medical Center at 12:00 to see how many people are waiting for a PCR test. Over a thousand people. Speaking of 30% of them being infected, the number is incorrect. We seek credibility for one reason, especially to increase travel bans and children leaving home for no reason.

One of many other social media users Doha News say it They paid 300 QR before waiting in a long line and left Sidra due to incompetence and lack of care. His Ehteraz warned him almost 12 times that he was in the immediate vicinity of a positive case.

On Wednesday, the Qatar Cabinet revived mandatory wearing of face masks in all public places and announced small restrictions on public gatherings, but in light of recent images and an increase in positive cases. It has been questioned whether these measures are sufficient to curb the appearance of an imminent outbreak.

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