Qatar’s romance can put you in jail for 7 years, couples are exempt

The FIFA Soccer World Cup 2022 will be hosted by Qatar in November this year. Many football enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to arrive here. Well, Qatar has already been discussed, but not because it is the organizer of the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2022. Qatar is drawing attention in terms of LGBTQ and human rights abuses.

And now it is reported Qatar also banned one-night stands Public romance during the World Cup. According to the Daily Star’s report, Qatar has revealed that foreign guests must comply with the strict laws of the Arab world. Police here say that couples other than couples can be imprisoned for up to seven years to establish a physical relationship.

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Apart from this, many other strict laws have been enforced by the Qatari government, which is difficult for western tourists.

Homosexual physical relationships, single crime

Qatar is compliant with Islamic Shariah law. According to this, a single with a physical relationship is considered a crime. There are also provisions for punishment for homosexuality. The report said Qatari police said foreigners could also be imprisoned for seven years for such crimes. Sexual activity based on the agreement of a couple other than the couple is also considered a crime.

Restrictions imposed

After a soccer match in Qatar, parties and drinking are also prohibited. Also, if the couples do not have the same name, they will not be assigned a room together in the hotel. To make a room together, they have to prove that they are a husband and a wife.

“Love is not part of our culture”

Nasser Al-Hatter, Chief Executive Officer of the FIFA World Cup, states that outdoor romance is not part of Qatar’s culture and we cannot allow foreign guests to do so. He added that the safety and security of football enthusiasts coming to Qatar will be their priority.

Qatar is not the only country with such strict rules. Such rules are common in most Arab countries under Shariah law. Sex before marriage or with someone other than a husband or wife is considered a major crime. Various countries in the Middle East have been punished from beatings to prisons to death. Qatar’s romance can put you in jail for 7 years, couples are exempt

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